NY Giants Victor Cruz close to 1,000 yard mark for this season

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsNew York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz has had a rough season so he is already prepared to face the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday and go up against their top league ranking defence that has spelled disaster for many teams.
The Seahawks have quite the package when they play the Giants. Their safety Earl Thomas and cornerback Richard Sherman have been a menace to all who have played them. And on Sunday as soon as both the teams face each other on the field, the Seahawks defensive backs are going to have a go at the Giants receivers. They are well trained at what they do and rarely make mistakes for the officials to notice and throw down the flags. They will not be afraid to get physical and dole out their share of punishment.
And since Cruz has already faced that several times this season, he is prepared for what is coming their way. To face the Seahawks, Cruz has already gotten used to being manhandled and doing the same thing to the defence. And in doing so, he is only a mere 27 yards away from making another 1,000 yard season, the third consecutive in his career.
People are speculating that this might be the best season that Cruz has had in his career and Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride is among them.
"There's no question that we haven't been as effective in some of the other spots and, therefore, people gear up defensively. They're certainly very cognizant of where he is at all times,” Gilbride said. “Sometimes we call it funnel coverage, where everybody is man to man and then there is a zone player in there. Usually that zone player is looking to see where Victor is and then we've gotten a lot more doubles."
Cruz is content with his performance and being in the limelight after putting up a sound performance this season as it draws to a conclusion. Even though the NY Giants are out of the playoffs and this will be the fourth time in the last five season they didn’t make it, Cruz said that he was still part of the team and despite his stats wanted just as much to have made it this time.
"I am about the team," Cruz said. "The numbers are great but I am about going to the playoffs and being in contention and doing things that get the team excited, the organization excited, the fans excited."
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