NY Giants looking to restart rushing attacks with Da’Rel Scott and Brandon Jacobs

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsDa’Rel Scott was in Pennsylvania with his girlfriend since being cut by the New York Giants last week. Although he was expecting the team to resign him as he did, he was still shocked as to why they cut him.
"I didn’t see it coming. Nobody in my family saw it coming."
But the resigning doesn’t bring any relief as he is under a lot of pressure to up his game or face the same fate permanently this time.
The Giants have been suffering from a sluggish rushing offensive and they will be relying on Da’Rel Scott and Brandon Jacobs to revitalize the attack when they face the Chicago Bears. Scott knew that the stakes were high and he needed to improve his performance.
"Obviously me and Brandon have to step up, take the opportunity and show them what kind of running game we have," he said.
The Giants have been lacking a running game this season which has made them heavily reliant on their quarterback’s deep ball skills. Their rushes are so bad that they are at the bottom of the league for rushing attempts and yards per game. If they are shut down from one end, they have no other options to resort to.
That all means that they will need to perform better than they have had so far and will need to resolve the rush dilemma if they want to get even close to the playoffs. Their offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride knew what challenge lay ahead against the Bears. Even so, he thought that it would still be a hard game if they had all their players fit to play.
"It’ll be a challenge. It’d be a challenge if we had everybody (healthy)," he said.
Jacobs was so heavily used on Sunday that he had to take the past week to get his strength back. He carried the ball 11 times and played 60 snaps, which is 82 percent of offensive snaps played that game. Although he was brought on the field to add more protection to passes and guard the goal line, he was later even fielding screen passes.
"I haven’t had a ton of work over the last four or five years. It was a little shocking in the game, this past game, when David went out,” he said. “But it’s football. At least I had an opportunity to get in there and do it with an offense I knew."
Although both Scott and Jacobs agree that their team needs to focus and really work on the rushing offense, they remain optimistic about the match against Bears.
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