NY Jets attempting to hook up Tim Tebow and Lolo Jones

Jets teammates urge Tim Tebow and Lolo Jones to just get laid already

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Blog Photo - NY Jets attempting to hook up Tim Tebow and Lolo JonesThe two most high-profile, eff-able virgins in the world of sports are targets of a New York Jets campaign to finally get those kids laid. Jets center Nick Mangold is taking the lead on matchmaking his backup quarterback Tim Tebow with Olympic track & field star Lolo Jones.

Both Tebow and Ms. Jones have very publicly proclaimed their virginity, despite what inevitably goes through your head whenever you do Google image searches on them. Tebow is 24, Ms. Jones is 29, and the Jets thinks it's about time, already.

It all started when Ms. Jones admitted in an HBO "Real Sports" interview that she is saving herself for marriage. The interview is below, but it's not exactly good spank material.
Ep. 182: Lolo Jones

The interview received a disproportionate amount of attention, because Ms. Jones is attractive and everyone would like to have sex with her. At the Jets' OTA on May 24, teammates taunted Tebow by chanting "Lolo! Lolo!" when Tebow entered the locker room.

Center Nick Mangold took it further, declaring on Twitter, "I'm trying to get @ to accept that he and @ are a match made in heaven. #Lobow". Yes, Nick Mangold is portrayed an ewok on his Twitter avatar.

Ms. Jones took the bait, replying, "thanks Nick but i actually heard tebow has a girlfriend he just isn't saying it publicly. the search continues...".

Blog Photo - NY Jets attempting to hook up Tim Tebow and Lolo JonesTebow hook-up suggestions must have already begun at that point, because earlier in the week, Ms. Jones tweeted, "Ask Tebow if he wants a glass of milk. If he says yes, ask him if he prefers chocolate. if he says no, then no more Tebow date suggestions."

I am guessing that's a race reference, and by "race" I don't mean track and field. Ms. Jones is of mixed race -- part African American, Native American, Norwegian, and French. But maybe "chocolate milk" refers to something else, I don't know. I don't claim to understand these people who don't have sex by choice.

Mangold will not relent. He addressed the media Thursday morning in a t-shirt reading, "He prefers chocolate milk @lolojones".

Not all of the New York Jets, though, are so hot and heavy to see Tebow and Jones paired romantically.

Jets linebacker Bart Scott told the New York Daily News, "What the hell they gonna do? Play the Wii?"
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derms33 wrote:
Tebow should have the biggest forearms in the NFL

Whatchagonnado when the 24 inch forearms run wild on you!!!

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Tebow should have the biggest forearms in the NFL