NY Jets players rallying to Rex Ryan’s side to make him stay longer

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsTo the New York Jets, there is one thing certain and in unanimous agreement among them. That is that Rex Ryan is the coach they want and the one they need. To them he is coach that fits best with the Jets and one which suits them. They are always behind him and take him for a true leader, always admiring the way he wants his players to play the game like it is their life and the way he can make a downhearted player get back in the fight.
Ryan has been with the Jets for five seasons now and the players view of him has stayed the same. And that is they want him to stay as their coach. On Monday when the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Detroit Lions, the 6-8 Jets chances of making it to the playoffs were over. With one major goal lost, they have some other things that they can still play for. They still have to play for the sake of the game and have to prove to the franchise that Ryan is the guy they need and he can do better than that.
Ryan has been with the franchise for a while now and the owner Woody Johnson is openly one who prefers Ryan over other coaches. The General Manager John Idzik doesn’t share the same views and wants the franchise to head into new directions now and that includes a new coach. To ensure that Ryan needs to be replaces, he will have to persuade Johnson into that as Ryan’s contract ends after the 2014 season.
In case the Jets manage to make it to the .500 mark as the season draws to an end, it would give Ryan material to bring to the table when he request an extension as the head coach. People have a general view that the Jets may be on the bottom tier of teams in the entire NFL but they have shown they have potential to rise above that. Although they have not had their turn at the playoffs since 2010 they started the season stronger than usual with a record of 5-4.
Jets center Nick Mangold said that the season wasn’t over just because playoff contention was lost. They played the game for the fans and much more.

"You want to play for guys in this locker room, guys that are coaching you, the fans that are out there believing, your family at home,'' Mangold said. "So there's plenty of things to continue to look for and play for.
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