NY Jets wide receiver Stephen Hill's starting job is in hot water

11/19/13 in NFL   |   BrianMaddock   |   1429 respect

FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe New York Jets wider receiver Stephen Hill was drafted in the second round of NFL Draft 2012 after they had traded two of their selections to the Seattle Seahawks. It seemed worth it because he had showed potential to be the best wide receiver prospect in that Draft and his passing, catching and running were all excellent.
So it was no surprise that the Jets chose him to be their starting wide receiver after investing so much in him. But he has not delivered to what was expected of him and now his starting job is in problem and will most likely be replaced with someone else. It will be a miracle if he manages to save his position and can only be done if he drastically improves, something which doesn’t seem to be happening.
For the past two games he has had not a single catch to his name. when coach Rex Ryan was asked about the matter whether Hill was being changed from his starting position, he said that there was a possibility.
"Yeah, that will be a consideration," the coach said.
For the past six games, he has played no major role in the gameplays. For the entire season he has a scant 23 receptions even though he has been allowed to play 517 snaps. Coach Rex Ryan isn’t one to go public with what he thinks about his players but he did give the media his analysis of what he had seen so far in Hill. And it was not good.

"It certainly hasn't been what we thought it would be and where we hoped it would be," Ryan said. "I know the want-to is there, it's just that the production hasn't been there for whatever reason." 
He did say that Ryan was being targeted on the field more often and players were keeping a watchful eye on him at all times to contain him but said what was currently being said about that was exaggeration. He said that Hill wasn’t an adaptive player who can change if being limited at one end. This has caused problems for him as in the past few games his predictable gameplay has been spotted and is being easily contained.

"It's frustrating to him, to all of us," Ryan said. "We've been expecting bigger things from Stephen and, quite honestly, it just hasn't happened." 
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