Nascar Fever

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Nascar fans what is up with you? All that we heard for the past 2 months is,”When is racing gonna begin”? I have this fever. I think its Nascar fever. I can’t think during the day. Because the only thing on my mind is Nascar? When do we get to see the cars again? Then when the so called pre season thunder started. You all got excited and made a big deal out of nothing. Which is your own perogative.

Now we move to Cali. This one is really a a laugher. Joe race fan who has been to last 3 or 4 Cali races. Goes home year after year and complains to those who will listen. “I wish they would move the race”. “I wish they would blow up the track.” “I wish Cali was never made a state”. All of these I wishes. How retarded do you have to be to keep coming back year after year. And then complain about the same thing over and over. If I go to a restaurant and the food is bad. Or if I go to a movie and it’s not any good. I usually use my common sense and don’t go back. Then you have the so called older fans who claim that they have been watching for years. Also complaining about why they ran the race.

Instead you should be the ones writing blogs and explaining to the younger “I don’t know why fans”. Why they do it! But instead you write about another blogger who is an older fan trying to help these young saplings along. Maybe its because you get so sauced on race day. That you even forgot that a race was run. Or maybe the truth is? Your hiding behind your monitor because you really don’t know anything. But thats fine too. Just fess up and be honest, and I am sure that there are plenty of members who would gladly help you along. Nothing wrong with that? Remember you must walk before you can run. Now seriously.  When I go to the track and talk to the older fans. They know their %$#@. And why? Because there is always another fan who can back his story up. Hell I’ve even read better stuff from some of the newer fans.

Rain delys have been a part of Nascar since racing began. So do the math. February+Winter+California Usually =RAIN How hard is that? Why would you travel 800 miles to a race that you already knows sucks. That you already didnt want to come to. When you have another track that is maybe 400 miles from home That you like? Then you come into our the different Nascar sites and do nothing but bash Nascar for the decision that they made. Why tell us? Go tell Nascar. There is nothing that either one of us can do to fix that situation. But Oh no! You still come in here to just add more drama to the drama that is already in here.

Then you have the Jr fans who think that Nascar should have let all of the drivers get into back up cars and start the race over. Why should Nascar treat Jr any different? Sure he is the most popular driver. But not all Nascar fans are Jr fans. Thats as bad as Jeff Gordon getting mad because he missed a few Oscar parties. Jeff what part of “You were never nominated for an Oscar anyways”! And why would you want to leave at a time, when your driver was leading the race? Is an Oscar party that much more important? Get your priorities straight!

Then we have the race itself. Why didn’t Nascar wait until Monday morning to finish it? What was the difference? The biggest complaint was the track wasn’t ready? So why was it more ready on Monday then on Sunday? Did the track fairy come over night and magically fix the track? I didn’t hear one complaint on Monday about the race being run. Did anyone ever think about the fans who maybe had to work on Monday? Thats why Nascar was trying to get the race in? And don’t try to throw this,”They had a long drive to the next track” at me. Vegas is only 4 hours down the road. Alot closer then Daytona or even Texas.


Now here we are 6 races later. And the same thing. The newer car has made racing boring. Jr hasnt won yet. What is wrong with HMS. Kyle Busch sucks. What has Nascar done to racing? Why do some of you of keep on complaining? Is this the kind of fever that puts the average fan into stupid mode? How many of you just recently became fans? The ones that have it seems are the ones that are doing all of the complaining. At least have a foot to stand on. Take some lessons from some of the older fans. Complaining usually falls on deaf ears. Sure its good to vent. But at least vent with some kind of reason besides Jr or Kyle sucks.

For all of the different so called allergies, sicknesses, fevers, boredom, or whatever you want to call it. The Nascar bubonic plague that was going around during the off season. The mad Nascar disease that seemed to overtake the Nascar sites. The I can’t wait until racing starts again syndrome. Then to have to come into the different sites and hear all of the whining and complaining. Is this why some of you have been waiting for the season to start? To just complain? Good thing that its only for a couple of months and not half the year. Nascar would definetly have to open up there own medical practice just to deal with maybe a few suicides. Or even have to name a new disease for the way some of you act.

Maybe its time to start to enjoy Nascar for what it is? And stop the bickering and complaining. Because whether you like what is going on or not. Whether you agree or not with there rules. There are plenty of future Nascar fans that are in the horizon. Just waiting to be born. To be able to enjoy what is the last of our great American sports. And that is NASCAR Im Out

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