Nascar Policy change is direly needed

2/28/12 in NASCAR   |   ironhide10   |   31 respect

Nascar has gotten even scarier after the recent accident of Juan Pablo Montoya, a car racer from Columbia.
The disaster happened when Juan bumped in to the truck that was in charge of the jet dryers in order to keep the racing track dry and keep it safe for the competing racers. However, the racing flag had its timing wrong and it came sooner than it was supposed to come and Juan, who was totally unprepared for such circumstances, was driving at a high speed and this abrupt change of events lead one of the very probable situations to occur. He lost control on his vehicle and bumped in to the truck.
This recount of the event makes it sound like it was a result of a highly careless behavior of the Nascar and the disaster could easily have been prevented, had there been more responsibility and proper timing of the race.
The further consequence of the game was the fact that the huge fire broke out and extensive destruction occurred. The race had already been delayed twice and while the cleanup teams were around, fans started to leave because of the overly delay of the race and missed the ending of the Great American Race.
This entire catastrophe is to be blamed on the Nascar, who needs to be concerned about the fact that a large number of fans left the race without watching the end. This is new and bizarre and needs concern. Daytona 500 is one of the highly prestigious and important tournaments of the Nascar and missing them like this needs attention. Although, it is Montoya’s car who was at fault too because it caught fire and got destroyed but this is one of the many similar disasters that hit Nascar but missing the game and losing fans attention is new and needs quick addressing.
The delay happened because of the natural and hence uncontrollable constraints. The rain caused a delay in the race and it finally happened on Monday evening whereas it was supposed to happen a day before.
To make matters worse, the big race came with the problem of Montoya’s car and fans began to think whether this race will actually end. Nascar can evaluate and learn a lesson from this one. They actually handled the rain issue well by choosing another, favorable day but the Montoya’s accident was unforeseen and mishandled.
This accident has happened so there is no point looking back and get upset over the things that cant be reversed. However, Nascar can take numerous steps to prevent such a happening in the future. This one wasn’t an accident that can be afforded to have frequently so Nascar needs to set speed limits on cars generally and ensure even stricter measures when other vehicles are on track, as in this case. This was the type of accident that could have been fatal for the many and Nascar needs to ensure that not only the safety equipment needs provision but the limits and regulations must be set. In addition, proper coordination and timing must be right in order to ensure safety of all. 
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