National Signing Day is the first big test for Chris Peterson at UW

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For as long as Chris Peterson has been coveted by programs around the country, fans have wondered how he would fare if he was recruiting to, say, the SEC or Pac-10/12 instead of Boise State. And now, less than 24 hours before National Signing Day, Peterson is looking his first major test in the eye.

Aug 31, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Washington Huskies head coach Steve Sarkisian (left) and Boise State Broncos head coach Chris Peterson (right) shake hands after the game between the Washington Huskies and the Boise State Broncos at Husky Stadium. Washington defeated Boise State 38-6. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY SportsThe new coach of the Washington Huskies, who replaced recruiter extraordinaire Steve Sarkisian, has hit the trail hard and brought in a class full of three-star players that he calls "OKGs" (Our Kind of Guys) -- players whose personality, rather than just physical skills, make them desirable. The question that Husky fans are eager to ask is, couldn't you find any four or five star OKGs?

We all know that he did more with less in Boise, but that may not cut it in the loaded Pac-12 North. As a Husky fan, I'm confident that his team will eventually play with more consistency and better overall toughness than Sark's teams did, but what I really want to see is if Peterson can work his Boise St. magic with the higher caliber players that Washington can bring in. But, while I admittedly know very little about these high school players at the moment, I'm frustrated that the Dawgs aren't bringing in the same level of athletes that we have in the past few years.

According to, the Huskies 2014 recruiting class in #44 in the country. Rivals has the Huskies at #49. That's a big drop off from the Sarkisian era.

-2013: 247Sports and Rivals: #18
-2012: 247Sports: #23, Rivals: #21
-2011: 247Sports: #24, Rivals: #23

While I'm thrilled about Peterson's arrival, I do have concerns. In the Pac-12 North you need to have speed to play against Oregon. You need to have size to play Stanford. (Fortunately, you don't need much to play against Washington State...burn!)

But there have been some positive signs of late. Towards the end of January, Peterson landed a four-star QB and, just in the last three days, two more four-star players have been added to the 2014 UW class. And, perhaps most importantly, Budda Baker, the consensus best recruit in the Northwest, is supposed to decide between Oregon, UCLA, and Washington tomorrow morning.

247Sports has UW at #44, but with a caveat. According to their list, UW has climbed 12 spots in the team rankings, the second biggest climb among their top-50 schools.

For a couple of months, Husky fans and general onlookers have wondered how Chris Peterson's OKG mentality would mesh with the major conference recruiting circus and we're starting to see the results. 

He will still likely have to do more with less compared to some of the recruiting power houses in his own conference, but if he can close the talent gap AND instill his crazy Boise State, OKG magic, Husky fans will get the best of both worlds and maybe, just maybe, finally beat Oregon for the first time in more than a decade.
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Funny!! This example of serious pessimism is the same negativity that's plagued Seattle residents for ages. Hopefully a super bowl trophy will help ease this disorder. You know kids it doesn't hurt to be optimistic. There is a lot of truth in the saying you get what you wish for or in your case you get what you fear for. Sark the "recruiter extraordinaire" didn't produce squat with his eye popping recruiting numbers. Funny when Sark was here it was "is he a good enough fit" and now that he's gone it's "can anyone be as good". You want to know why Boise State has won so much? Because it's expected. It's expected from the coaching staff and players all the way down to the fans and everyone helps reassure everyone that they can get the job done, it's called confidence. Something that has seriously lacked in Husky nation since the late 80's and into the 90's. When I used to live in Seattle I loved the area, but couldn't stand the doubtful fans.  The ever changing attitudes of Husky fans makes me feel as if I'm watching Fox News. It doesn't surprise that Washington is a republican state. Good luck Pete, you're gonna need it to survive these Nancy's. 
See you puppies in 2015