Nationals new rainout policy angers fans

Nationals fans hated the new rainout policy and got it overturned, but it's actually a good thing

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May 7, 2013; Washington, DC, USA; Washington Nationals right fielder Bryce Harper (34) hits an RBI sacrifice fly to score Denard Span (not shown) during the third inning against the Detroit Tigers at Nationals Park. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY SportsFor years, the Washington Nationals allowed fans to exchange tickets for pretty much any game they wanted, in the event that their original game was rained out.

Tuesday night's game was rained out, and the Nats announced that the tickets for that game would only be honored for the makeup game, which is this afternoon at 4:05 p.m.

National fans were in an uproar, and for good reason. Many of them had to make arrangements to take the time to watch the game, and it's not easy to change your schedule at the drop of a hat (or a raindrop, as it were) and just attend another game whenever the team dictates.

The Nationals reverted back to their old policy after seeing fan outrage. However, due to increased fan interest and attendance this year, they can't necessarily guarantee that people will get to attend whatever game they want, which was basically the case in the past.

Bear with me, Nationals, but this potential new ticket policy is actually a good thing. I know it seems like an inconvenience, and obviously it was probably nice to have an extremely fan-friendly ticket policy in the past.

But now, the Nationals have something far better than the fans' ability to pick any game and attend at their leisure, knowing that they'd never be sold out. Now, they actually have an exciting team to watch.

Congratulations, Nationals fans. Now you actually have a team that people want to watch.

As a Red Sox fan, I understand the struggles of trying to get tickets to games that were sold out 6-8 months in advance. I know that sometimes, it's a pain. Sometimes, you have to pay way over face value to attend a game, particularly rivalry games against quality opponents.

But trust me... the atmosphere in a sold-out stadium is incredible. And that's where the Nationals are heading, if they continue to improve as a franchise. Enjoy it, Nationals fans.
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