Ndamukong Suh Should Be Selected Before Gerald McCoy In The NFL Draft

NFL Draft Links: McCoy over Suh? Not Me.

12/22/09 in NFL   |   PennSkinsFan   |   12 respect

Todd McShay trumpets DT Gerald McCoy for the Lions as the top pick.  McCoy over Ndamukong Suh?

That was the projected order a week ago, but McShay still thinks McCoy, a 6-foot-4, 295-pound junior who declared his intention to enter the draft last week, is an ideal fit for Detroit.

“Gerald McCoy’s a difference-maker,” McShay said of the two-time All-American. “To be honest with you, I’ve had McCoy one spot ahead of Suh just about the entire season. I think toward the end I flip-flopped ‘em because Suh just finished so strong. But I don’t think there’s a big difference between them in terms of value. I think there’s a difference in terms of the way they play.

I disagree with McShay.  This NFL Draft is pretty damn good for top picking teams.  If you are in need of a defensive tackle, and you are a Top 5 to 6 pick, you are in great shape, because Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy are the real deals.  Period.

There are just certain players you can pinpoint year in and year out that are no misses, will be effective and good in the NFL.  You could say that last season about guys like Aaron Curry, BJ Raji, Brian Cushing,and Brian Orakpo.  You just knew they were going to be good.  Such as with McCoy and Suh.

However, personally, I think Suh is one of the most prolific and dominating defensive tackles to come in the Draft in over a decade.  He has good speed for his size, is explosive and gets to the quarterback.  As he did against Texas, he has the ability to take over a game defensively.  Suh can be inconsistent at times, but that will fade as he grows.  McCoy is a dominating defensive tackle as well.  I would take him in a heart beat.  But, not over Suh.

Here are your stats for each player


Tackles:  82   Tckl for Loss:  19.5   Sacks:  12    Intercep:  1   Pass Breakups:  10  Hurries:  19   Forced Fumbles:  1    Kick/Punt Blocks:   3


Tackles:  31   Tckl for Loss:  14.5   Sacks:  5   Intercep:  0   Pass Breakups:  2  Hurries:  11  Forced Fumbles:  1   Kick/Punt Blocks:   0 Read More→

Read full article at:  http://rumorsandreports.com/?p=185

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12/22/09   |   CowboyFan1   |   74 respect

Don't wish the 9ers on my poor Colt McCoy.

12/22/09   |   redsox1002003   |   881 respect

 as long as the niners draft colt mccoy and get some o-linemen, ill be happy

12/22/09   |   Scott   |   54782 respect

I think you are reading the link wrong.  The story says in his first mock draft, McShay has Suh going #1 to the Rams and then the Lions taking McCoy with the 2nd pick. 

12/22/09   |   elevenbravo138again   |   1163 respect

McCoy over Suh?!  Sam Bowie Approves. Greg Oden's role model