Nebraska Football: Video of Cornhusker OL fielding punts

VIDEO: Nebraska OL attempts to field punts

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The obvious headliner for Nebraska’s spring game last Saturday was seven-year-old brain cancer patient Jack Hoffman scoring a long touchdown run and receiving “goosebump” worthy acknowledgement from the fans and football team.Blog Photo - Nebraska Football: Video of Cornhusker OL fielding punts

But there’s another video emerging from the Cornhuskers’ Red vs. White matchup that is also guaranteed to bring you to tears – from laughing too hard.

Everyone loves a good fat guy video. Here, the Nebraska offensive linemen attempt to field punts to try and put some points on the board for the White squad.

There are a few good athletes participating, but it’s pretty clear that some of these guys have never seen a football come their way before.

And there’s never a wrong time to watch a ball bounce off a facemask.
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