Nets Top 10 Players of the Decade

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 These are the good guys:

10. Brian Scalabrine; Who didn't love you, who doesn't remember the triple over time game vs Detroitwhen you went nuts. You were the best cheerleader the finals time could ask for.

9: Devin Harris; Well we wanted Bynum the year before you came here, instead Jason Kidd got us you. And you for the most part did a good job last year, this year health has been an issue but so has everything else in Nets land. So not all the blame falls on you. I am placing 9th just because you weren't here all that long

8. Brook Lopez: A god sent! A gift from the skies. You will be an NBA all star if not this year then next. nough said again I would rank you higher but you have not done much for us yet.

7. Lucious Harris: You stuck it out with the Nets and never quit on the team, your threes from the triple overtime game vs Detroit still swish in my ears from time to time

6. Kerry Kittles: A fragile warrior, but a warrior non the less, you were a member of both finals teams and you played well. Your steals and three's are badly missed. I don't think anyone qualifies as a true Nets as much as you!

5. Keith Van Horn: Well you weren't Tim Duncan, but at least you didn't try and pretend to be, you did the best you could until a better player came along. I will not forget your efforts against an MJ team (okay it was before this decade) but you were a part of the 1st finals team against the Lakers.

4. Vince Carter: Thank you Vince, we got you for nothing and you left with nothing but great words about New Jersey! The Raptors fans are probably still crying they lost you, but we aren't. We miss you, but we are men and we have balls so we can thank you and move on.

3. Richard Jefferson: You are still one of my favorite players, despite the gay rumors Jumana Kidd started about you , You were the steal of the draft that year, and sure you brought with you Jason Collins but it was a package deal. Good luck to you!

2. Kenyon Martin: I blamed Raptors fans for crying over Vince, but the fact is we also cried when we lost you! Kmart you were a big part of the Nets, and probably the best player of your draft class! (oh wait a minute you were number 1 pick overall) let's hope our next 1 pick overall will be 10 times better :cough: :cough: John Wall. Of all the Nets on this list you are the only one I hopes wins a championship.

1. Jason Kidd: So you left on bad terms, so what. if it wasn't for you we would have never made it to the finals. We owe this decade to you. And I will be sad if the Nets don't retire your jersey. 

Thanks guys to the 00 guys....

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 raptor fans honestly don't cry that we lost vince, we are upset that he gave up on the team, how would a net fan react to a player who went through the motions and didn't play hard to earn his millions