Nets to sign Jason Collins

History Made: Nets sign Jason Collins

2/23/14 in NBA   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

Blog Photo - Nets to sign Jason CollinsWhen Jason Collins came out in April, he was an NBA free agent. As the summer dragged out and the season started, he remained a free agent. While he is an aging center with limited to no offensive value, and thus was never guaranteed to sign in the first place, it was hard to wonder in the back of your mind if something was going on, especially as the season continued and Collins remained unsigned.

It's not an issue anymore. The Nets are expected to sign Jason Collins today to a 10 day contract. That deal is expected after Glen "Big Baby" Davis clears waivers in Orlando and signs with the Clippers. Once Collins plays, he will become the first openly gay athlete to play in one of America's four major sports.

Collins will have one job when he gets to Brooklyn, the same job he's held his entire career: be an extra big man. The Nets need one with Brook Lopez out again and only one healthy center on the roster, the mercurial Andray Blatche. Collins could also provide some veteran leadership to an underachieving crew, although in theory that shouldn't be an issue with KG and Pierce around.

With that, all the talk about how a locker room would accept a gay player can finally be dismissed as that, talk. We're going to get a look at what will happen in reality. I'm optimistic that there won't be an issue.
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