New 49ers app finds shortest lines for beers, bathrooms

49ers rolling out an app to help find the shortest lines for beers and bathrooms

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Blog Photo - New 49ers app finds shortest lines for beers, bathroomsThe San Francisco 49ers know that they're burning quite a few longtime season ticket holders by moving 45 miles south to Santa Clara when they open their new stadium for the 2014 NFL season. To make it up to them, the 49ers are rolling out a dazzling array of digital features in their attempt to make the new Levi's Stadium cashless, ticketless and the "smartest stadium in the NFL". Among these features is an app that tells you where the lines are shortest for beer and restrooms.

If the 49ers would just gives us an app that tells where to find the drunkest women in the stadium (pictured at right), they'd really be on to something.

The new 49ers stadium will offer an app that shows the shortest lines for concessions and restrooms in real time. Yahoo Sports' Rand Getlin took a tour of the new stadium and it's features, reporting that the stadium will also offer a free stream of the NFL RedZone channel and the ability to watch replays from the angle of your choice on the screen of your mobile device.

Instant replays from the angle of your choice? Second-guessing referees' calls has never been easier!

Blog Photo - New 49ers app finds shortest lines for beers, bathroomsMr Getlin took a few snapshots inside the new Levi's Stadium, currently still under construction. Here's the tunnel which the 49ers will run out of before games.Here's the view of the field from owner Jed York's suite. Wealthy billionaire inheritees have never had it so good. But at Levi's Stadium, even the drunks who get arrested will have nicer, cushier jail cells in which to sober up.

And if you're worried about another blackout when Super Bowl L is played at this stadium in 2016, stop worrying. The stadium is powered by high-efficiency solar panels.
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kobe_lova wrote:
Their fans don't need anything that helps them get drunk faster :/


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Their fans don't need anything that helps them get drunk faster :/

7/30/13   |   Jess   |   34899 respect

I would be happy if my phone would just work reliably at Centurylink. You would think that a stadium bearing a big internet provider name would have better 3G and 4G, right? Barely any service. Ohhh the irony.

Seriously though, this is a really good idea.