New Chelsea boss Rafael Benitez wants recognition among elite managers

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Blog Photo - New Chelsea boss Rafael Benitez wants recognition among elite managers
Rafael Benitez believes he is worthy of a permanent spot in the hot-seat at Chelsea. The former Liverpool manager rejected claims suggesting he accepted a seven-moth contract at Chelsea in order to rejuvenate his battered reputation in the English Premier League. Rafael Benitez claims he deserved to be ranked among the elite managers in the football community.
The Spaniard will mark his return to the English Premier League with Chelsea on Sunday when the London outfit hosts the English Premier League champions Manchester City. The 55-year-old manager believes he will be able to restore his image as a top class manager at Stamford Bridge today.
Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has been quick reignite his rivalry with Rafael Benitez. The Scotsman reckons Rafael Benitez is ‘lucky’ to be handed the keys to Stamford Bridge following his exits from Liverpool and Inter Milan. Meanwhile, Rafael Benitez insists he is not under-pressured by the task of stabilizing Chelsea.
“How many top jobs have been available in the last two years? Not too many,” Rafael Benitez said. “So if you have maybe eight top managers and only one or two teams available, you do not have too many chances. For me, I was waiting for the right one and it was not there. Now I have a top club and I think I can do a good job.
“Every year you see new managers because the way football is going on, not too many people can cope with this pressure and keep winning. So I had a lot of confidence I would get a job, a good job. Which one? This one is a great opportunity. It doesn't matter that it's for seven months, even three months.”
Chelsea fans have prepared a hostile welcome for Rafael Benitez at Stamford Bridge. The Spaniard takes charge of the Champions League winning side with an early exit from the Champions League. Rafael Benitez’s main objective will be to concentrate on acquiring the English Premier League title.
“I was forced to take a break from the game after leaving Inter Milan and it has taken me until now to find a way back,” Rafael Benitez said. “What I can guarantee is when you come back you are more focused, you have better vision and you have more commitment. Sometimes when you are working, you are working so hard that you don't see everything.
“Now, when I watch the Champions League Final, it gives me new ideas. You watch another game, you have an idea and so you're ready for the next challenge. For me, this challenge is at Chelsea.”
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