New Jersey Devils Michael Ryder on a career high 16 game no-goal streak

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsRight now New Jersey Devils right winger Michael Ryder is under a lot of pressure to up his game and start scoring. And this isn’t only from the coaches but from himself as well.
Ryder isn’t a good goal scorer and when it comes to reliability, it is not his area. Still he manages to get the puck in the net now and then and keep the goals coming. But right now he is on a career high 16 games no-goal streak and he is under a lot of stress to get the puck in the net by any means necessary. Previously he had been on another no goal streak in which he went without scoring a goal for 14 games.
Ryder agreed that it was stressful not to have a goal for such a long duration. He added that during the course of the game he had to do as it was planned and could only score when he got the shot.
“It’s definitely frustrating. I can’t let it get to me,” Ryder said. “There are other parts of the game I have to play and I have to play within the system. I can’t get outside that and try to cheat offensively.”
And things are heating up as teams continue to get fiercer as they fight for the playoff spot and the Devils are among them. This means that Devil’s players, including Ryan will have to up their game by a notch and he will have to break the no goal streak. January 11 against the Florida Panthers was the match in which he scored the last goal before going on the unfortunate streak.
Ryan said that he wanted to score and contribute to the team win and understood how important it was to score so that they would get better points for the playoff spot.
“I want to score. Anything to help the team win,” Ryder said. “It’s tough when it goes this long. A goal here and a goal there could help the team get a win and those points are huge right now.
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