New Jersey Devils head coach Pete DeBoer honored to have coached to-be Hall of Famers Martin Brodeur and Jaromir Jagr

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsFor any coach it is a real honor for players who have been under their coaching to distinguish themselves. It shows that caliber of coaching and teaching that they have received from that coach and shows how well a coach really is.
New Jersey Devils head coach Pete DeBoer has two players under his wing who have been nominated to be future Hall of Famers. That is no ordinary achievement and DeBoer considers himself to be honored to have been the coach of the players.
Martin Brodeur and Jaromir Jagr have managed to stand out among the other players with exceptional career victories, with Brodeur at 683 and Jagr at 700.
Brodeur said that having such accomplished stats showed truly how talented the players really were.

“It’s an amazing stat,” said DeBoer about the wins that the players had achieved. “Words don’t do it justice. It’s a lifetime of elite level of play.”
He added that it was spectacular to witness the future Hall of Famers play and to be their coach at the same time was even better.
“It’s nice to stand behind the bench when you’re coaching two of the greatest players of all time at their respective positions.”
Jagr is actually at a senior age for the game. He is 42 and players are already contemplating retirement as they head in their mid-thirties. He is not only playing but giving a great and consistent performance. DeBoer explained the reason why Jagr was still a great player and despite his age had not waned.
“He loves the game. I think people in the general public just assume everybody loves the game, but this is a whole different level. He lives, eats and breaths to play hockey,” said DeBoer about Brodeur. “For a guy that’s been in it that long, he still acts like he’s an 18-year-old coming into the NHL for the first time. That is rare.”
DeBoer said that Brodeur had most of his wins without overtime and even if he subtracted the wins which had been in overtime it was still a great achievement to have so many wins.
“I was thinking about that and Marty’s win total. A lot of Marty’s win total has come without overtime. I think he’s got almost 200 ties in his record,” DeBoer said. “Even if he split those and won half of those in shootouts or overtime his win total would be unbelievable.”
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