New York & Boston Open Emotional Series

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New York and Boston: Rivalry. 

There isn't a better word to describe the hostility between the two cities when it comes to sports. The New England Patriots fans despise those who follow the New York Giants (or Jets....but, LOL). The boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees have a genuine hatred for one another, on and off the field. The average length of a Yanks/Sox game is about an hour longer than any of their other games - because its methodical and a process to defeat a rival. 

Blog Photo - New York & Boston Open Emotional SeriesHowever, in light of the recent attack on American soil in Boston at one of there most treasured events of the calendar year, UNITED WE STAND.

Sports is just an escape for those who are passionate. The real thing at stake is our nation and it's safety. There probably isn't a better time for New York to be hosting Boston for the first two games of their playoff series. Boston and New York are both foundation cities of America. This series is more important than who wins and who will be going fishing, it's more about the camaraderie of the fans and the players representing each city in a respectful yet passionate fashion. 

Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett exchanged words that led to Anthony confronting Garnett at the Boston team bus following the game earlier in the season. The rivalry is real. However, even in heated competition, the NBA Playoffs do not trump national unity. Melo needs to keep those emotions in check and dig down deep for his game - because there is no room for his or Garnett's big-boy verbal antics on the court.

Leave it all out on the floor - this series is going to be great. The Knicks will almost certainly advance beyond the first round for the first time in about a decade, but it wont be because Boston didn't fight to the death.  Exciting, entertaining and lit with star power, this Eastern Conference matchup is by far the most enticing. 

New York in 6. 
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sports an escape... but to Smith making $8.5 million/year its the lottery.. athletes are not role models they are marketing machines!!!