New York Giants’ defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul: “not having that fun I used to” last season

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The defending Super Bowl champions slumped to a slow start this season and their defensive line is taking the blunt. There aren’t a lot of happy faces on the New York Giants’ defensive line and Jason Pierre-Paul is just one of those players sulking this year, with memories of his 2011 breakout season frequently resurfacing on his mind.
“I won’t say it’s not fun, I’ll just say I’m not having that fun I used to,’’ Jason Pierre-Paul complained on Thursday.
Jason Pierre-Paul’s seen limited opportunity to capitalize on some action this season after recording just 1 ½ sacks. Last season Jason Pierre-Paul ranked fourth in the league with 16.5 sacks.
“People are thinking about it, is he gonna get a sack, he should get three, stated Jason Pierre-Paul. “None of that stuff really matters.”
“I just got to go out there and run around like a little kid,” Jason Pierre-Paul provided the solution to his own problem, “just be happy you’re out there and have to make plays and stuff.’’
The New York Giants’ other pass-rushing defensive ends have been looking out for some action with Osi Umenyiora making just one sack and Justin Tuck feeling equally dejected with zero sacks.
“That goes for the other guys too … you can see it in their eyes they’re not having fun with the game,’’ Jason Pierre-Paul stated. “They got to find themselves and I got to find myself.’’
After recording 30 ½ sacks last season, its easy to see where the New York Giants’ disappointment is coming from.
The New York Giants lost their regular season opener to the Dallas Cowboys on national TV this season and they didn’t fare well against their Super Bowl rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday, losing on a missed field goal.
Even during the New York Giants’ wins over the Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season, the team’s pass rushing game experienced a significant drop with opponents catching on to their defensive line tactics.
“You’re getting formations – if you saw last week’s game, you’re getting multiple tight ends, what I call a ‘box formation’ over there,” stated New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. “That’s all to reduce the ability of the defensive end to just rush up the field to get to the quarterback,”
The New York Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell too noted that other teams were adapting to their defensive line by “getting the ball out quick,” leaving no open opportunities for their defensive ends.
Justin Tuck too acknowledged that the recent turn of events was makings sacks harder to-come-by for the New York Giants.
“I’m not having that much fun, either,’’ said Justin Tuck, adding that the New York Giants’ defensive line had failed to live up to expectations.
“(But) It’s a young season, we’ll figure it out,” Justin Tuck offered a ray of hope. “We haven’t played the way we’re capable of playing and thus far we haven’t had the same amount of fun.’’
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