New York Giants re-sign Deon Grant

Deon Grant extends his stay with the Giants

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New York Giants have managed to keep the depth in their secondary by resigning safety Deon Grant. The veteran has played a year with the Giants and has become an integral part of their squad.

Grant not only helps with a wider selection of options on the bench but the veteran also helps in guiding and mentoring the younger generation of football players on the team. These are just a few reasons why the Giants consider him to be an asset for the team.

In the aftermath of becoming a free agent last season, numerous clubs came forth with intentions of hiring Grant but one by one all teams showing interest backed away. Grant claims he was close to agreeing to terms with a couple of clubs but fate prevented that from happening. Grant also stated that he had to discuss the matter with his agent, and only after that would he make a final decision.

According to Grant, returning to New York to play for the Giants is something he expected to happen. Grant believes he can help the Giants into the playoffs this season. 

The Giants narrowly missed their chance to enter into the playoffs after being defeated to a 10-6 record.

Grant ended his last season with New York with a total of 68 tackles, 3 interceptions, 2 forced fumbles and 3 recoveries. Grant’s stable form allows the Giants to experiment on the field. Last season, they were one of the top teams in NFL to have provided entertainment via new tactics and strategies.

One reason behind that is of course Grant’s on field presence. For instance, Grant’s presence allowed his coach to proceed on the green even though he had fielded 3 safeties. Therefore, as a package Grant is a unique and useful player, one that the New York Giants paid to keep despite the aging factor.

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why is this top news?  Deon Grant sucks