New York Giants to host Pittsburgh Steelers on schedule for Sunday

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New York Giants to host Pittsburgh Steelers on schedule
New Yorkers are still picking up the shattered pieces of their lives after Hurricane Sandy nearly washed away the entire East Coast and the New York Giants hope to return some joy to their life by securing a victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers after the NFL gave the go-ahead on the game.
New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin always believed that the game will proceed despite the dismal conditions left Hurricane Sandy. Tom Coughlin hoped the New York Giants’ determination will serve as an inspiration for the hurting New York and New Jersey residents.
"I think the mission will be quite clear," stated Tom Coughlin. "Trying to provide a few hours of enjoyment for so many that have been devastated. I think they’ll do a good job of that."
With over 60 lives lost and millions of New Yorkers making it on a daily basis without power, the New York Giants’ home game against the Pittsburgh Steelers looked likely to be cancelled in sensitivity to the suffering of the Hurricane Sandy victims. With transportation issues arising in the highly populated metropolitan due to flooding of subway stops and other routes, fan base presence at the game was also expected to be low.
However, discussions between New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell proved fruitful for the continuation of the game. Chris Christie confirmed to his associate that the New York Giants’ face-off against Pittsburg Steelers at Metlife Stadium will not become an obstacle in the relief efforts being led to deal with the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy.
Chris Christie also announced in a press conference that the NFL had agreed to the deployment of only a few state troopers for the security of the game, so as not to slow down the rehabilitation process in motion for Hurricane Sandy victims.
"If they are ready, absent any change in circumstances, then we should go ahead with the game on Sunday," stated Chris Christie.
Both teams have also been affected by the circumstances produced by Hurricane Sandy. While the New York Giants had trouble reviewing game tapes due to power outages, the Pittsburgh Steelers had to delay their travel plans to New Jersey by a day due to overbooked hotel rooms. Most of the dislocated New York and New Jersey residents sought safety in hotels after the Hurricane Sandy swept water into their homes and flooded neighborhoods.
Tom Coughlin stated that it was “noble” of the Pittsburgh Steelers to leave the hotel rooms available for the Hurricane Sandy victims whose homes were submerged under several feet of water or razed by the battering winds.
"When you look at it, it’s a minor inconvenience considering what those people in New York and New Jersey went through," said Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle Max Starks. "You have seven million people without electricity, and a football game pales in comparison to that.”
“You just hope you can do your best to take their minds off such a travesty for a couple of hours by playing some football,” added Max Starks.
With public transportation still suspended, the New York Giants urged fans to car-pool to the stadium and arrive early. Two nearby Neighborhoods will also be provided with shuttle service. The New York Giants are also encouraging fans to donate non-perishable food items for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.
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