New York Giantsí top three toughest players from season 2012 Week 1 to 5

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The New York Giants haven’t always played with consistency and being just one game above .500 could have a few individuals doubting their capabilities.
They’ve walked amongst the teams with the most banged up players. And although the New York Giants have only appeared in one game this season with less than 10 players on the injury report, still there’s always been someone tough enough on the team who’s willing to carry the additional load.
The harder the New York Giants (3-2) are knocked down, the stronger and unexpectedly they strike back, which is why the team boasts some of the toughest players.
The following are the New York Giants’ top three toughest players emerging from the first five games of the season.
  • Martellus Bennet
Not only has the tight end greatly contributed to the New York Giants on the basis of his production but Martellus Bennet has overall improved the team.
When the 6-foot-7 Martellus Bennet joined the New York Giants in March, he weighed-in at 291 pounds but dropped over 25 pounds during the offseason due to concerns over his speed and mobility.
This aided Martellus Bennet to produce at least one touchdown in each of the New York Giants’ first three regular-season games, and a total 185 receiving yards.
And then, Martellus Bennet switched over to bolstered the New York Giants’ pass-protection against Philadelphia Eagles and had a huge impact on the 234 yards pass rushing game against Cleveland Browns. However, Martellus Bennet stood out in Week 5 due to the toughness he displayed against the Cleveland Browns after going down with a hyperextended earlier in the same game.
  • Ahmed Bradshaw
The New York Giants running back Ahmed Bradshaw has displayed unquestionable toughness throughout his career. Ahmed Bradshaw’s 4.6 yards per carry average over the past six years, can be largely attributed to his hard-nosed style of game play.
Ahmed Bradshaw had a disappointing 2011 season with 659 rushing yards after posting career highs just the precious season rushing for over 1200 yards. He wasn’t off to a great start this season either.  And when Andrew Brown upstaged Ahmed Bradshaw through his absence (Week 3 against Carolina Panthers) due to neck injury, he tied to make a comeback against the Cleveland Browns.
Although Ahmed Bradshaw started off with a fumble on the first play, he rallied for 200 rushing yards off 30 carries in the game.
The sixth-year running back Ahmed Bradshaw presence in the offensive backfield adds toughness to the New York Giants’ pass protection game.
  • Will Beatty
The New York Giants left tackle Will Beatty was onto a promising season in 2011 but was sidelined for the complete season just after ten games due to a detached retina. Things still weighed against Will Betty, who was entering the new season with an expiring contract. The New York Giants didn’t even miss him at their Super Bowl run last season.
A sciatic nerve in the lower back further complicated things for Will Beatty during the training camp. The injury had Will Beatty sidelined at the season opener against Dallas Cowboys.
However, Will Beatty again became the New York Giants’ last hope after David Diehl sustained a knee injury in Week 2.
In Week 4 Will Beatty’ toughness was extensively tested by Philadelphia Eagles’ Trent Cole, whom he easily over powered. Will Beatty played a major role in New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning’s protection, who was sacked only four times this season.
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