New York Giants upgrade in technology with G.P.S. devices

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The New York Giants have new toys from the technology sector to play with this season. Inspired by the soccer club Manchester United, the New York Giants’ General Manager Jerry Reese decided to employ the use of the technology at their minicamp this offseason.
However, the use of technology isn’t just restricted to G.P.S. devices, according to The New York Times, at least 35 New York Giants players volunteered to strap on the gear which also includes heart-rate monitors, hydration/nutrition monitoring along with specially designed surveys. The new Technology will assist the New York Giants in creating specially designed drills for each player and maximize workout. However, as a precautionary tool, it will also help in shrinking the risk of injuries, monitor recoveries as well as keeping the coaches informed on players’ developments so that they may determine when a player is at his peak.
The New York Giants aren’t new to the use of technology as they tried their hand at the heart-rate monitoring system prior to last season. Nevertheless, the New York Giants may well be the first team to encourage use of this technology in their team as it is an uncommon practice in the football circle.
“I’m looking into the future,” said New York Giants’ vice president for medical services Ronnie Barnes. “We’ve known we need to do this, and I feel like we’ve begun to pioneer a little bit with our players and within the league.”
The New York Giants are working on the project in partnership with Timex, who are developers of the devices, and University of Connecticut’s Korey Stringer Institute. Each device has its’ own function and records the level energy exerted by a player, to assist in determining the efficiency of the players’ method. Overall, this data is a strong device for New York Giants’ coaches and high-level front-office personnel who may regularly need to compare the players’ performances.
On the other hand, the surveys ask questions that assess the players’ experiences and comfort during workout; allocating numbers to range the intensity of thirst, pain, effort put in, and many other feelings.
The hear-rate-monitoring device lets the New York Giants determine when a player puts in maximum energy and the frequency with which the player delivers such a performance during workout. The monitoring of hydration levels lets the New York Giants asses if the player is at maximum energy before workout and if he restores the lost fluid. A lack of hydration during workout can leave a player more susceptible to injuries. Additionally, the G.P.S. device lets the New York Giants analyze the distance covered by individual players throughout the workout.
Ronnie Bames said that due to the new monitoring system, the New York Giants’ coaches will be able to focus on individual players’ performance, considering the scenario that workouts involve large groups, making it impossible to pay attention to each and every player.
However, the idea of monitoring systems was initially looked upon with scorn by a few New York Giants players who are set in their ways.
“At first, to be honest, it was kind of annoying. Guys didn’t want to put extra stuff on,” said New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz.
However the tech savvy Victor Cruz warmly welcomed the idea. He noted that it will prevent the reoccurrence of accidents similar to Minnesota Vikings lineman Korey’s 2001 death, which occurred due to a heat stroke. 
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