New York Jets: Mark Sanchez vs. Tim Tebow

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Blog Photo - New York Jets: Mark Sanchez vs. Tim TebowIf you had the ability to decide who would be the starting quarterback for the New York Jets, would you choose Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow? Or would you give them an even split of the plays run on offense? Right now, Rex Ryan is claiming that Sanchez will be the starting quarterback and that Tim Tebow will come in for 15 to 20 plays per game.

It seems rather impossible for the Jets offense to function effectively when the backup quarterback is going to receive about one out of every four snaps in a typical game. While it can be argued that running two different offenses will make it hard for opposing defenses to prepare, it seems like it would be even more stressful for the Jets.

It is hard to see the offense getting into a rhythm when it has a different leader in the huddle throughout the game. As for Sanchez, it is inevitable that his confidence will take a major hit when he has to spend offensive drives on the sidelines especially during goal line drives. Only Sanchez will be responsible if he self-destructs, but Rex certainly won’t help when he makes it clear that he depends on Tebow rather than Sanchez to score touchdowns.
Sports have given us miracles and oddities that we could never have expected, but the chances of the two-quarterback system working are slim. It is much easier to envision Rex Ryan deciding to use one quarterback and casting the other aside.

After granting Sanchez a three-year extension worth $40.5 million when he still had two years left on his contract, it seems clear that Sanchez is the choice. While his performance last season was lackluster, he was able to lead the Jets to 2 consecutive AFC Championship games in his first two seasons.

If Sanchez is meant to be the starter for the Jets then maybe adding Tebow to the roster is more than just a publicity stunt. Instead it is a move to force Sanchez to play better than he did last year. The problem is that while Sanchez was successful in his first two seasons, it was because Rex relied on the ground and pound offense.

In 2009 the Jets were ranked 8th in the league in rushing yards, and in 2010 the Jets were ranked 3rd. Last year however, the Jets were ranked 13th. They were only a little bit better than average when it came to running the ball, so they needed Sanchez to step up and perform like an All-Pro quarterback. The team traded up to the #6 pick to select him in the 2009 NFL Draft, so it seemed natural to have high expectations. At the end of the season though, Sanchez was ranked 23rd in the league in overall quarterback rating and the Jets missed the playoffs.

This offseason, Sanchez has had plenty of time to think about his less than stellar play of last year. Add the pressure that the Tebow situation is putting on him and Sanchez knows that he is on the hot seat. If he does not play well, fans will demand for Tebow to become the starter. The question is if Tebow deserve to be the starter. After all, he was ranked behind Sanchez in quarterback rating last season at 27th and led the league in three and outs.

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