New York Jets: Mark Sanchez vs. Tim Tebow

4/27/12 in NFL   |   Jnewman482   |   141 respect

If Sanchez does not step up his game at the beginning of this season and prove that he is worth the $58.25 million that he is due over the next 5 years, then by all means Tebow deserves a chance at the starting position. While Tebow led the NFL in three and outs, he inspired the Denver Broncos to lead the league in rushing and play harder on defense. He dominated in the 4th quarter, showed that he can throw a deep ball, and most importantly he won games. Certainly, he has a lot to work on in terms of throwing mechanics and accuracy, but if Sanchez does not perform up to expectations (which are high and reasonably so) then Tebow should get a shot.

Taking a closer look at Tebow, he is a better fit for a Rex Ryan coached team. Rex just wants to pound the ball and run down the clock so he can rest his defense and tire out the defense of the other team. That is exactly what Tebow does. While he certainly had luck on his side with Matt Prater nailing 59-yard field goals, Tebow excelled in the fourth quarter because the opposing defense was exhausted from having to defend the run for the first three quarters. Rex certainly hasn’t forgotten how Tebow used that strategy to beat him. Tebow marched the Broncos 95 yards in a game winning drive to beat the Jets and there was nothing Rex could do to stop him. So when Tebow became available, he paid a cheap fourth round draft pick for him.

Mark Sanchez is a more accurate passer. He has been the starter for the Jets for the past three seasons. He should enter training camp as the favorite for the starting job and keep it. But, Tebow is gunning for that starting position and will not settle for being a backup. If Sanchez fulfills his potential and performs at an elite level, then he will have nothing to worry about. Tebow might come in a few plays each game just to mix things up, but not 15 to 20. If Sanchez doesn’t play well though, Jets fans will turn against him and Tebowmania will rival Linsanity in the Big Apple.
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