New York Knicks Weekly Report: Blowouts Everywhere, Still Can't Rebound, Novak Heating Up

NYK Weekly Report: Blowouts everywhere, still can't rebound, Novak heating up

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The Knicks went on their second three game road trip of the season last week, but didn't fare quite as well this time. The week was loaded with blowouts - both good and bad - with a tight game sprinkled in the middle. The Knicks took advantage of the Hornets not having Anthony Davis, lost a tight one to the Mavericks in Dallas, simply did not show up against the Rockets on Friday, and returned home on Sunday to pound the Pistons.

I can't give the Knicks anything higher than a "C-" this week, and it's based very much on one game. The silver lining of Friday's game was that I was not in public, so I didn't cause a scene.
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So here we are - Blowouts. Watching Knicks/Rockets, I can't remember ever seeing so much talent put in such little effort on the basketball court. Every player looked like they were playing for Grinnell College - "Who cares if they score? We'll just hit a three!" There was no sense of pride. Chandler Parsons nearly scored a career single-game high in the first quarter. The team just repeatedly let Rockets players waltz down the lane and do whatever they wanted. It was all capped off by Carmelo Anthony arguing with an official while Patrick Patterson got an easy dunk right behind his back - the most disappointed I've ever been in Carmelo.

The other two blowouts, however, were in the Knicks' favor. Of course, they were against two very bad teams, and one of them was without its best player. These are games that I'd like to see frequently out of the Knicks, so while I am impressed, it's nothing to phone home about. People are talking about the Knicks as one of the top two contenders in the Eastern Conference. If they want to keep that status, they have to handle bad teams easily.

Another week has gone by, and the Knicks are still experiencing rebounding woes. They were out-rebounded in three of their four games last week, and were a disgraceful -19 in rebounding against the Rockets. 19 year old rookie Andre Drummond dominated the boards on Sunday, hauling in 11 rebounds in only 19 minutes. Marcus Camby played 15 minutes total in last week's four games, so the Knicks looking to the trade market for a rebounding presence in a few months is starting to look like a strong possibility.

Steve Novak looks like he's starting to find his rhythm from behind the arc. Despite the Knicks' early season excellence from three, Novak had only shot over 40% from downtown in two of his first nine games (shot 47.2% last season). After a tough 2-10 night on Tuesday, Novak was given an easy 13 minute game the following night. In the two games since, he's shot 8-14 from downtown, and could really stretch the floor and add firepower for the Knicks if he can return to last season's form.
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Prepare yourself for further disappointment with Cancer Anthony. Ask Nuggets fans and George Karl how often he failed that franchise in a big spot. And mostly due to his own selfishness.