New York Knicks Weekly Report: Kidd Saves the Day, Melo's Injury Scare

NYK Weekly Report: Kidd saves the day, Melo's injury scare

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The Knicks just finished up a bit of a light week, playing less than four games for the first time since the second week of the season, but it certainly wasn't "light" as far as excitement goes. The Knicks won a nail-biter in Brooklyn, smashed the Lakers early in MSG on their way to a 9-point win, and won another tight one against Kyrie Irving and the Cavaliers.

I'll give the Knicks an A- for their week, their only demerit being that they let Kyrie go off for 41 points and barely squeezed out the victory over the 5-20 Cavs. Here are my key stories/observations from the past week of Knicks basketball:
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As a Knicks fan, I did not want to lose to the Nets twice in a row. They came into my team's city, had a bunch of neutral basketball fans jump on their bandwagon (though I do understand there are plenty of longtime faithful fans as well), and have the media saying that they're better than the Knicks. I couldn't stomach two straight losses to the Nets to start off this rivalry. Obviously, I was nervous early on in Tuesday's game, as the first quarter finished up with the Knicks in a 30-16 hole. They couldn't play offense, couldn't play defense, and looked damn near hopeless. They fought back, however, and had themselves right in it with a chance to win at the end of the game. That's when Jason Kidd saved the day by draining a three with 24 seconds left. I knew that Kidd was going to be a fine addition to this team, but I didn't know he'd be this big. He's a great presence on the floor and can hit any shot when he has some space, especially in a big moment. He finished the game with 18 points (6-9 shooting), 6 rebounds, and 6 assists.

While Kidd's three was the highlight of the game, there's no doubt that Carmelo Anthony was the player of the game. Melo went off in jaw-dropping fashion, shooting over 60% on his way to 45 points. He managed to stay on fire for two more days, and came out blazing against the Lakers, scoring a ridiculous 22 points in the first quarter. However, he took a hard spill after a Dwight Howard foul, landing with a great deal of his body weight on his left ankle. He missed Saturday's game against the Cavs, and is ruled out for tonight's game (Monday) against the Rockets. "Hopefully, he'll be ready Wednesday," said head coach Mike Woodson.
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