New York Knicks Weekly Report: NYC rivalry begins, life without Kidd, Novakaine is back

NYK Weekly Report: NYC rivalry begins, life without Kidd, Novakaine is back

12/3/12 in NBA   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

After about a month of basketball, the New York Knicks find themselves just half a game back of the Miami Heat for the best record in the Eastern Conference. Of course, many basketball fans have gotten to a point where they expect the Knicks to win games and have a good record - their performances against championship contending teams is what we'll be judging the Knicks on from here on out.

I'll give the Knicks a B+ for their performance over the past week. They convincingly beat the three teams they were supposed to beat, and lost to the Nets in overtime on the road short one of their starters. Here are some of the key notes I gathered from the four Knicks games over the past week:
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The NYC rivalry is underway. One of the biggest reasons I was looking forward to the Knicks/Nets matchup was because I didn't really have any animosity towards the Nets, as they've been irrelevant for so long, but I wanted to hate them. Well, last Monday really did the trick for me. All that pregame talk about how the Nets are better, the Knicks are a mirage, and analysts talking about MarShon Brooks like he's the next Michael Jordan - it really made me want to see the Knicks obliterate the Nets. I ended up disappointed by the end of the night, but I'm not too worried long-term. Raymond Felton had an absolutely disgraceful game, maybe the worst I've ever seen him play as a Knick. 3-19 shooting with five turnovers - are you kidding me? Steve Novak, uncharacteristically, couldn't get going. Carmelo Anthony, a career 80.5% free throw shooter, went 10-16 from the foul line. Finally, the Knicks were without Jason Kidd, a point I'll get to right now...

Jason Kidd is more important to the Knicks than I thought. Ball movement and offensive flow have been improved over last season, and I thought a lot of that had to do with Raymond Felton. While Felton does help, he got himself into a funk against the Nets and ran a very stagnant offense down the stretch, in which he fired up way too many shots. Kidd is usually on the floor down the stretch of tight games, and he never fails to get the ball moving efficiently through the offense. He is also shooting the three at 50% this year, which is an area the Knicks struggled in against the Nets (6-21). The Knicks made it by their lesser opponents last week, but Kidd looks to be an essential piece for the Knicks against quality competition.

I said Steve Novak seemed ready to heat up in last week's NYK report, and he officially has. Though he struggled against the Nets, Novak has hit 12 of his last 22 three point attempts. That's the Novakaine we're more accustomed to seeing. When he's on, he really spreads out the floor, making it so much easier for point guards to penetrate and for Carmelo Anthony to operate inside. If a defender leaves Novak to double-team Carmelo (most defenses double him), they better hope Melo doesn't find his lethal outside weapon - Novak will make that open three every time when he's playing like he has the past three games.
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