New York Mets floundering, Seattle Mariners selling, Minnesota Vikings...

Where's Hunter Thompson When I Need Him?

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Blog Photo - New York Mets floundering, Seattle Mariners selling, Minnesota Vikings...

My brain has a literal and figurative fever the types of which Hunter S. Thompson used to write about... but without all the drugs. Been nursing some weird summer cold/flu the last couple of days and have finally decided to try to calm things down with a dark n' stormy. The mixture of rum and ginger with a hint of flat coca cola (my add) seems to be working, but not enough to wipe out the following facts.

Place Your Mets. It's pretty much over, isn't it? The Mets are kinda kaput. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the Matt Harvey debut against the Diamondbacks last night but we've come a long way from Johan Santana's no-hitter--has he been the same since?--to R.A. Dickey's back-to-back one-hitters. Don't get me wrong, as I wrote earlier in the year, this is far more than Mets fans ever could have expected this season. Problem is, early success breeds unrealistic expectations. Dreams, maybe. Anyway, I sincerely hope the Mets finish with dignity and don't just play out the string. They're better than that.

The Rime of the Youthful Mariners. Ichiro is gonzo (get the HST ref?) so the Mariners are officially Major League Baseball's daycare center. Yep, plenty of pitchers to potty train and defensive drooling to overcome. That being said, isn't the answer in Seattle the same it is everywhere else? BRING. IN. THE. FENCES. The Mariners have better starting pitching than most, but their offense is hitting below the Karen Carpenter Line (older reference lost on younger viewers). In the supposed post-steroid era, isn't the idea of building around pitching and defense a bit outdated? If you have anything resembling a decent starting staff you have to stop spooking your own hitters in a cavernous park. Manager Eric Wedge said something about this himself, and then backed off. Stick to your guns, man!

The LondOlympics. *Sigh* I really don't have a problem with any of the events or athletes or corrupt judging... but can we just stop spending millions and millions of dollars on the opening ceremonies when there are countries you could feed with that money? Oh, I get it, if they don't have a TV it makes it all right? It's like shoving "Up with People" up the third world's a**.

I Like Vikes! So, where does that leave me? Football season is around the corner but, unfortunately, I'm a Minnesota Vikings fan. Yep, a team predicted by most to finish last in the gunslinging NFC North. Nevertheless, I am trying to remain optimistic, at least through October. Peterson might come back. Ponder could be the guy. Harvin may even decide to stay and to play. And, of course, Jared Allen will still be terrorizing QBs. But what about the rest?

OK, clearly the rum isn't working and I'll stop well shy of Dr.Thompson's "Football Season is Over" suicide note. Guess I just needed to vent. Hey, on second thought, the rum might be working. 

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