New York Rangers see defenseman Dan Girardi as more important than captain Ryan Callahan

2/27/14 in NHL   |   BrianMaddock   |   1429 respect

FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe trade deadline in NHL has been set to end on March 5 this year and even before certain things happen they are too obvious to be ignored. New York Rangers will have to make the decision between their captain Ryan Callahan and defenseman Dan Girardi, both of whom who have been great players for the team and now there are talks about trading them.
The obvious thing is that the Rangers will definitely choose Girardi over Callahan and although many would object with that reason, there are many reason due to which the Rangers make that decision which are actually pretty solid grounds.
Girardi is one of those reliable players who will give a consistent performance every game and will be productive. The right shot, 29 year old defenseman has the ability to shut down even the best of forwards in NHL and has from time to time proven that one. On top of all that, he has shown to be remarkably immune to the curse of injuries and making mistakes on the ice which can result in penalties. The above mentioned traits are coveted by any coach of any franchise andGirardi happens to be the complete package. 
For the previous 7 seasons Girardi has been a regular in the matches. Every game he plays, he puts himself on the ice and gives his all in his performance, trying his best and more than often succeeding in it, making the opponents fail in their attempts to get the puck in the net. Out of a total of 517 games in the 7 seasons he has played, he has been in 513 of the games. 
Girardi has many good years to give and there is no age related problem that can strike him, so regarding that he is a sure investment. The same cannot be said with surety regarding Callahan, who is of somewhat senior age now losing the edge he had. Chances are that the game he plays will fall short as he ages and has also been prone to injuries. This means that the Rangers will make the a decision based on who is best regardless of personal feelings and Girardi is in the green regarding that. 
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