New additions to Playbook: MLB and Cricket

MLB, Cricket, NASCAR and Golf now on Playbook - just in time for weekend betting

3/17/10 in FanIQ   |   Jess   |   32868 respect

Hello Q'ers!

Our hard working team has made more improvements to Playbook this week! MLB has been added just in time to finish off the pre-season before they really get down to business, and you can also bet on Cricket now.

In the meantime, those of you eagerly awaiting NASCAR can now bet on your favorite drivers. Just pick where you think they will finish the race in comparison with the rest of the bunch!

Golf has also been activated just in time for the Transitions Championship tomorrow.

Happy Betting! Please keep the feedback coming, and enjoy!
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7/4/10   |  

 i am ready to bet on cricket.... is there any one is ready to face me...

3/19/10   |     |   35 respect

Im gonna bet on cricket just so i can say that i have bet on cricket

3/18/10   |   Diablorain   |   4425 respect

 just made a bet for the NASCAR race this weekend...