New uniforms leaked for Jaguars, Dolphins, and Vikings

PHOTOS: New Dolphins and Vikings uniforms leaked at Jaguars uniform rollout

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Blog Photo - New uniforms leaked for Jaguars, Dolphins, and VikingsYou may have heard the Jacksonville Jaguars unveiled their newer, even-trashier-looking uniforms today. You may not have heard that a Jacksonville television station jumped the gun and posted photos of the Jaguars' new uniforms online -- along with images of the still-embargoed new uniforms for the Miami Dolphins and the Minnesota Vikings.

We've got these photos here for your approval and/or unhinged critique in the comments section below. This post highlights leaked images of the Dolphins' and Vikings' new uniforms (those are the Dolphins' new threads to the right), but links to several individual shots of all three teams' new uniforms can be found below.

The sports uniform-obsessed blog Uni-watch has obtained leaked images of the new Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings uniforms that were not supposed to be unveiled today. Blogger Paul Lukas has obtained images of the Miami Dolphins' new uniforms and the  Minnesota Vikings' new uniforms and posted them to his Twitter account. The Jacksonville Jaguars' new uniforms had already been officially unveiled earlier Tuesday. 

Blog Photo - New uniforms leaked for Jaguars, Dolphins, and VikingsThe release of Miami and Minnesota's new looks was an accident. "A Jacksonville TV station that was taking photos of the new Jaguars uniforms at Nike headquarters in advance of Tuesday's Jags unveiling inadvertently posted a photo that also showed the new Dolphins and Vikings uniforms, plus another shot with a closer look at the new Dolphins design," Mr. Lukas writes. "Both of those teams had been set to unveil their new uniforms on Thursday evening."

Mr. Lukas plays nice, and does not reveal the name of the Jacksonville TV station that screwed up and sent out the image. But you can rest assured that somebody at that station has had his or her ass handed to them by a screaming attorney from the NFL Legal Affairs office.

The Jacksonville uniforms appeal to that Florida Panhandle aesthetic where the "sleeves with a different color than the shirt" look is considered classy presentation. The Miami uniforms are rather similar, save for the new "helmetless dolphin" logo and a little more restraint with the orange detailing. The new Minnesota Vikings uniforms do away with the tacky white detailing on the shoulder and sides -- but we cannot tell what is going on with the helmets. Are those standard Viking horns on the side? A revamped set of Viking horns? Something white that is not Viking horns?

We'll know more Thursday when the Vikings' and Dolphins' new uniforms are unveiled before the first round of the NFL Draft.
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