New world No. 2 Lee Westwood aiming for PGA Championship
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Lee Westwood honing his sights on a Major Championship - and hits the gym

8/23/11 in Golf   |   SamuelWhale   |   589 respect

All that muscle on Lee Westwood is absolutely real. According to sources the new no. 2 in golf has a new workout routine which has him doing 345 pounds in dead lift. It appears the Englishman has turned over a new leaf, finally looking to capture some fame and glory.

It seems like the lost Brit has finally caught up with time realizing he has to win a couple of Majors now. Westwood hadn’t lost his wittiness which was made obvious when he said, “That's a Chubby and a quarter," talking about his portly manager, Chubby Chandler.

Although, Westwood is an amazing player and has managed to win a couple here and there, the star has yet to lift the most coveted award in golf, a Major. Westwood joked about the emptiness of a Major trophy on his mantle but still realized that he must have one sooner rather than later.

He admitted that he was good at winning other tournaments but should start focusing on Majors too. “It's good to be the best at something,” commented Westwood on the topic which made many fans believe their idol is not at all serious about winning week’s PGA Championship. However, that is not the case.

For Westwood, the past few tournaments have been a humongous irritating episode. The Brit has been trying break into the ranks but has been unable to do so. He has finished in the top 3 during the last 5 of his 8 majors. Last month, Westwood missed a cut at the British Open to go 0-for-54 in the Grand Slam events.

"It's a very media-driven world we all live in now, not just with the TV and you guys, but you look at Facebook and Twitter and 24-hour news and stuff like that. It can really all just get too much and you can start to believe it," said Westwood. "You really need to - when you get into those positions - just enjoy it and have a free, clear mind and play like it doesn't really mean anything. You know, just laugh it off, really and try to have fun.”

He added, "I've done all the hard work now...done it for 20 years. It's time to just relax and let it flow."

Well, at least that has been Weswood’s mindset since he met his new sports psychologist Dr. Bob Rotella. Rotella also helped Darren Clarke through his mental obstacles after which he just recently acquired silverware.

Westwood was cheeky again when he said, “He's got all the letters after his name, so I figured he was the best.”

The 38-year-old golfer explained his motive and plan of action for the tournament saying, “Try and play the tournament like I don't care really. There are no words in the English language to articulate not trying any better. Sorry, I've been trying to think of some, but I can't.”

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