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Arena Football, Nightly Wrap Up

Just Ignore It And It Will Go Away

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Today's site goodness

1. Ana Ivanovic lost at Wimbledon, but she won at this photoshoot.
2. Brett Favre has told his biggest fan that he wants to play this year.
3. Are you a nerd who loves to box? Then the Chess Boxing World Championship is for you.
4. Did the Brew Crew give up too much for C.C.?
5. Well now, that was an awkward interview.

Today's FanIQ site goodness

1. As always, every Monday, we bring you celebrity news of the past week.
2. Now this is fantastic, a Cedric Benson DUI poll.
3. If you're looking to kill one minute of your time, there's no better way to do it than watching this.

Tonight's TV goodness badness

Yes, welcome to July. Where the only thing on is fake football and the Red Sox! Do your brain a favor and read a book tonight.

Arena football: Divisional playoffs, Cleveland at Georgia (ESPN2, 8 p.m.)

Major League Baseball: Minnesota at Boston (ESPN, 7 p.m.)
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