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Lacrosse, Nightly Wrap Up

It's Time To Feel The Wrath Of The Mid-Summer Sports Schedule

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Today's blog goodness

1. Let's stop pretending everyone, we know Favre is coming back.
2. Mess with Lance Armstrong, you'll become a crack addict.
3. It really sucks being a college basketball recruit. Wait, no it doesn't.
4. Racing sushi is pretty awesome.
5. So is taking a dirt bike through a 17th century manor.

Other FanIQ site goodness

1. This should definitely be the next Olympic sport.
2. Croatia and surprise team Turkey square off tomorrow in Euro 2008. Who's going to win?
3. Here are some NASCAR history questions for you. I, of course, scored a zero.

Tonight's TV goodness

I hope you like.......Major League Lacrosse! Man, is it ever slow now.

College World Series: LSU vs. North Carolina, in Omaha (ESPN, 7 p.m.)

Major League Lacrosse: Washington at Boston (ESPN2, 7:30 p.m.)
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