Nine best #Dufnering pictures since Dufner won the PGA Championship

Nine funniest #Dufnering Photoshops and Instagrams since Jason Dufner won the PGA Championship

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Blog Photo - Nine best #Dufnering pictures since Dufner won the PGA ChampionshipWhen extremely not-photogenic golfer Jason Dufner won the PGA Championship last weekend, you’d think it would put to rest any further Internet mockery with the “Dufnering” meme for which he is best known.

But the sleepy slouch of Dufnering would not be put to rest. Dufnering has only roared back even stronger on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook since Jason Dufner won his first major tournament. As we see from the excellent Tumblr offering from Procrastination Station at  left, the #Dufnerings offered up on social media these past three days have been no slouch.

You remember Dufnering – the Internet meme inspired by Jason Dufner’s infamous awkward photo wherein he slouches disinterestedly during a charity event with second-graders, looking like a man who cannot stand second-graders. Dufner has generally shrugged off the Internet fad with humor and class, at least as much as can be expected from a guy who looks like he cannot stand second-graders.

Blog Photo - Nine best #Dufnering pictures since Dufner won the PGA ChampionshipFor example, the Duf man visited “CBS This Morning” on Tuesday and took this Dufnering photo with the “CBS This Morning” crew that was posted to Twitter. Dufner Nation devotees can find the full Jason Dufner interview online.

Just look at how comfortably Dufner is Dufnering compared to the “CBS This Morning” crew.

Norah O’Donnell looks absolutely terrified when placed in position. Charlie Rose clearly does not realize those are not good shoes for Dufnering on national television!

Note also that the photographer’s perspective makes the signage on the wall read “BS Morning”.

If “BS Morning” is not already the working nickname for the program “CBS This Morning”, it certainly ought to be.

Blog Photo - Nine best #Dufnering pictures since Dufner won the PGA ChampionshipHospital patients will be none too pleased to see this example of Dufnering before surgery. The image was posted to Twitter on Monday, the day after Dufner’s big win, with just the message “#Dufnering in the OR”. OR is doctor talk for “operating room”, and we can only hope the good doctor performed with Dufner-like precision when the operation came.

We can also hope he’s got a change of latex nitrile gloves. That is the floor that his hands are on there, people.

Are you slouching in anticipation of more of the funniest Internet Dufnerings since Dufner’s big day? Click on for more clear Dufinition….
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