Nine best NFL cheerleader Halloween costumes

Nine NFL cheerleaders who nailed their Halloween costume assignment

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Blog Photo - Nine best NFL cheerleader Halloween costumesThe past two Sundays marked the NFL's "slutty cheerleader costume" weekends, an annual Halloween rite featuring way too many predictable 'sexy Minnie Mouse' and 'sexy cat' costumes. But this year, a few NFL cheerleaders went above and beyond to get exceptionally creative, funny, meta or ironic with their costumes. On this Halloween, we salute those cheerleaders with this 'best costumes' listicle.

Take for instance No. 9 - Princess Leia (Tennessee Titans). I can't take my eyes off her buns! Leia Organa's wig, belt and cleavage would hold their own at any cosplay convention. Her Marilyn Monroe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle counterparts also deserve Honorable Mention

Blog Photo - Nine best NFL cheerleader Halloween costumesNo. 8 - Sherlock Holmes (New England Patriots)

Elementary! Sherlock Holmes here has done her research and pulled off a "that should not be sexy" costume idea with commendably sexy results.

The tailoring detail on her accessories is nothing short of fantastic.

That's not cheap houndstooth she's wearing, either.

The deerstalker hat is an obvious choice, but the cut of the hemline on her vest shows real creativity.

I am a fan of the skirt as well.

Sure, I'd have thrown in a magnifying glass and a fishtail smoking pipe. But I suppose that would limit one's availability to use one's pom-poms.

Blog Photo - Nine best NFL cheerleader Halloween costumesNo. 7  - Bullfighter (San Diego Chargers)

The sexy bullfighter costume concept is not particularly inspired or nuanced.

But Ms. Charger Girl represents excellent synergy of costume and costumee.

I do not know if she is Spanish. But she looks Spanish enough that she pulls off the sexy bullfighter costume with pretty outstanding panache.

Additional style points for the intricate bedazzling on the sexy bullfighter's cuffs, belt and neckline.

The only minus I see going on here is that there is a wedding ring on a finger of her left hand.


For more of the most creative, funny and best NFL cheerleader Halloween costumes of 2013, click on to the next page. I promise you at least a few of them will be single...

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1/5/14   |   szaiw

What a cool costume they have! It makes them a lot more hotter than before. The harry potter and the Sherlock costume are my fave but number 1 is kind of creepy though. Marla Ahlgrimm