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No Sleep Till Brooklyn

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Blog Photo - No Sleep Till BrooklynThe toughest thing I had to do yesterday was decide which side of my ledger I would credit with the win.  Since it was the Nets game that seals the deal and made the ticket worth something, I've decided to put it on the NBA.

I couldn't have had a much better week or month for that matter.  A perfect 7-0 for the week (4-0 in the NBA and 3-0 with college hoops) brought the final record for the month to 31-9 (11-1 in the NBA and 20-8 with college hoops).  So, the goal that I had set for myself for January---to replenish the portion of the bankroll lost during December---was finally realized in February.  Plus, there's some generous take back as well.  Certainly, the amount gained wasn't near the average that I'm used to over normal 3 month span, but who's complaining? 
THE NBA  (4-5 ATS/7-2 SU/4-5 TOTALS last night, 25-25/31-16/21-29 for the week and 86-88/109-58/82-92 for the month)
BUTTA  (1-0 last night, 4-0 for the week and 11-1 for the month)
It's another odd looking schedule today, and with the suspicion that maybe the numbers are going through an "adjustment" phase, I'm going to pass all 7 games.

Knicks 86 Warriors 97
BULLS (-6 1/2, O185) 104 RAPTORS (+2 1/2, U202 1/2) 103
Jazz 79 76ers 93
PACERS (-12, U1891 2/) 109 MAGIC (-11, O213 1/2) 117
Bobcats (+9, O204) 103 Mavs (+5 1/2, U211) 100
Hawks 101    
SUNS (-7 1/2, U215 1/2) 114    
---I'm just thrilled for the entire nation that we're all going to see the Knicks get their brains beat in for a 3rd straight game.  C'mon, guys!  Grow a pair and pick some games for the national package that might be worth seeing.
---There's no evidence that would indicate that the home team has an advantage when 2 bad teams play each other.  That's what make the double digit wood the Magic are laying tonight against the Sixers look really odd.  I don't know why anyone would care, but Orlando shouldn't be laying that many against anyone, but the Sixers have so totally dismantled their squad that you can't take with them either.
---I'll be keeping a close eye on the Suns number as the day progresses.  I have a feeling it will only go up from where it is now, but if it does come down into a more appetizing range, I just might think about jumping it.

COLLEGE HOOPS  (27-22 ATS/33-16 SU/25-24 TOTALS yesterday, 67-61/82-43/59-69 for the week and 253-232/321-159/247-238 for the month)

  BUTTA  (no play yesterday, 3-0 for the week and 20-8 for the month)
1.  Utep (-190) over N. TEXAS - The Miners are still in it for the conference title and the #1 seed in the postseason tourney.  N. Texas is a spunky squad that plays well at home, but UTEP is a better team.  I don't want to lay more than a possession (-4 1/2) on the road with them though.
2.  New Mexico (-240) over NEVADA - Pretty much the same story here with the Lobos.  Nevada got off to an outstanding start, but they've crumbled under the weight of having to play the better teams in the conference.  And they don't get much better than New Mexico in the Mountain West.  

Maryland 53 Georgia Tech (+10, O134) 65
CLEMSON (-2 1/2, U121 1/2) 58 FLORIDA ST. 73
Ohio St. 55 DePaul 62
INDIANA (+2 1/2, U126 1/2) 61 *ST. JOHN'S (-15, O139 12) 92
Marquette 59 Old Dominion 52
VILLANOVA (-10, U138 1/2) 73 *CHARLOTTE (-3 1/2, U129) 61
Tulane 60 So. Miss 63
*FLA.-INT'L (-5 1/2, O133 1/2) 74 FLA.-ATLANTIC (+8 1/2, O133 1/2) 73
Wisconsin (-7, O138 1/2) 76 Purdue (+14 1/2, O150) 69
E. Carolina (+2 1/2, U139) 62 Utep (-4 1/2, U134 1/2) 66
Utsa 52 La. Tech 77
*TULSA (-19 1/2, U145) 83 UAB (+4, O148 1/2) 84
New Mexico 70 S. Alabama 61
NEVADA (+5 1/2, U141 1/2) 66 *LOUISIANA (-9 1/2, U145) 75
Stanford 58 Oregon St. 72
*ARIZONA (-11, U133 1/2) 75 *UCLA (-13, O150 1/2) 90
---Amidst all the chaos going on in the Big Ten plus Two, Wisconsin looks like the team to beat right now.  They seem to be peaking at just the right time. 
---Yes, I agree.  The number I have for the So. Miss game today just looks wrong.
---Senior Days are taking place where you see the (*). 

Have a grand and glorious Sunday!  I will talk to you tomorrow.
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