No-Huddle Won't Hurt Ray Rice's Production

Despite no-huddle, Ray Rice will remain a workhorse

8/28/12 in NFL   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

Blog Photo - No-Huddle Won't Hurt Ray Rice's ProductionThe Baltimore Ravens, like many other teams in the NFL, are transitioning to a more uptempo style of offense, featuring more passing and no-huddle plays. One may think that this would decrease the touches of Ravens' star running back Ray Rice, but offensive coordinator Cam Cameron doesn't believe it will.

"Ray, we know, is one of our best players," Cameron said. "The bottom line is that he's always a huge part of what we're doing, and we're always looking to see how people are defending him to see how we can continue to get him the ball in space."

Rice is one of the more versatile backs in the league, with the ability to pound it straight down the throat of the defense, or catch passes and make plays in open space. Cameron understands that, and he is well aware that moving to a pass-happy style of football doesn't mean their exceptional running back must become less of a factor.

Don't worry about the Ravens' new offense when drafting Rice in fantasy leagues - he'll still be just as much of a monster as he always has been. In fact, if you're in a PPR league (which you really should be), Rice may even see a bump in production. It's reasonable to expect that what Rice loses in carries, he'll make up for in targets on screens, bench routes, and check downs. Rather than taking handoffs up the middle for five yards, he'll be catching passes for five yards, giving you an extra point on each one of those touches. After racking up 76 receptions last season, it's reasonable to expect Rice to close in on 100 receptions this year and, once again, be one of the top running backs in the NFL.
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