Norv Turner: Chargers 電id not use Stickum" in MNF loss

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San Diego Chargers coach Norv Turner denied cheating allegations amid reports that the team used a banned substance to gain unfair advantage in last week’s game against the Denver Broncos.
"Nobody from the San Diego Chargers used stickum in the game Monday night against the Denver Broncos," Norv Turner stated on Monday. "Nobody in this organization has used Stickum in any game."
Meanwhile, San Diego Chargers officials released a statement earlier in the day, confirming that the team was being investigated by the league for the use of a “sticky” banned substance (possibly Stickum) in their 35-24 loss to Denver Broncos at the at Qualcomm Stadium.
"We are aware of the inquiry and are cooperating fully with the League,” read the statement.
Last Monday, a sideline official confiscated a towel from a San Diego Chargers equipment manager with suspicions that he was passing along a hidden sticky substance to players. In a truly humiliating recount, the equipment manager was event asked to empty his pockets, according to league sources.
The NFL banned the use of sticky or adhesive substances (such as Stickum) in the game to improve grip during 1981.
While Norv Turner acknowledged that the San Diego Chargers acknowledged used a handy sized towel on the field, which is also widely used across the NFL by players to dry ball, gloves as well as their hands and arms, the coach denied that any Stickum was passed around.
“This special towel is used by many teams in the league to dry equipment,” stated Norv Turner. “It's also used by PGA players in bad weather to dry clubs."
However, Norv Turner wasn’t too keen on discussing the specifics of the towel.
"I'm not going to talk about the brand of towel,” responded Norv Turner. “I'm not going to market a product."
Norv Turner added that the San Diego Chargers had been using the towel to dry equipment for over a decade and a ban on its use will mean a lot of teams will have to give up on the luxury.
"If they decide the team shouldn't use it, there's going to be a lot of teams that will have to stop using it,” said Norv Turner.
League spokesman Greg Aiello revealed that the NFL is “looking into” the matter “to determine the facts” following the incident. The confiscated evidence, including the towel, has sent to the Denver Broncos and league offices for further investigation.
San Diego Chargers receiver Robert Meachem built on the likelihood of his team cheating with reference to the outcome of their game against the Denver Broncos.
“We lost” stated Robert Meachem. “How could we have cheated?”
However, Norv Turner was ready to put the incident aside for a while and focus on the season ahead.
"The team is focused on getting better,” claimed Norv Turner. “This is not a distraction; my attention is on getting the guys healthy and getting ready to go on the road to Cleveland.”
Both the San Diego Chargers (3-3) and Denver Broncos () are tied for the top spot in the AFC West division.
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