Notre Dame uniforms against Miami are incredibly ugly

Notre Dame Fighting Irish ruin the only good thing they had going for themselves

8/16/12 in NCAAF   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

In the interest of full disclosure, I must first admit that I'm a Notre Dame hater: I hate the fact that it is always ranked way too high at the beginning of the year; I hate Brady Quinn; I hate that it isn't in a real conference, and can make up its own rules as it goes along.

Hell, I even hate Rudy.

That having been said, I've always respected the Irish's uniforms. They're iconic, they're classy, they look great, and they are... changing?

Yes they are, at least for one game.

Adidas has come up with these atrocities for them to wear against Miami (Fla.) this year. Sorry, ND, but these are just terrible.

Blog Photo - Notre Dame uniforms against Miami are incredibly ugly

The uniforms themselves are bad enough, particularly with the obnoxious numbers on the sleeves. But what really takes the cake is their ridiculous helmets.

Gone are the traditional "golden domes" that Notre Dame is known for. Make way for the half-dome. It's awful.

Blog Photo - Notre Dame uniforms against Miami are incredibly ugly

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8/19/12   |   chevleclair   |   378 respect

Actually, I've seen worse. Not to say that these are good-looking unis, but they're not awful, either.

If anyone at Notre Dame cares, it's this simple: Do whatever you want. These same people who are complaining about the uni change are the same ones that complain that ND has changed nothing at all. Whatever you do, they're going to complain, and that's how it is.

8/17/12   |   billywa   |   658 respect

Just Adidas trying to get attention for horrid unis like Nike has done so well the last few years (Oregon, OK State to name a few). Seem to recall lots of people screamed bloody murder in the 70s when ND rolled out the green jerseys in the late 70s. Of course those same folks didn't mind too much when Joe Montana won them a national championship in green... (not that I think ND has a hope in hell of winning a national title, regardless of jersey)

8/16/12   |   Wards_Page   |   248 respect

If anyone needed their iconic uniforms changed it's Penn State. Adidas, go where you're needed.