Novak Djokovic wins the China Openů with Gangnam Style

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Blog Photo - Novak Djokovic wins the China Openů with Gangnam Style
We all know Novak Djokovic is well known for the entertainer he is. Well, the Serb decided to launch another episode of his famous renditions by performing the famous horse-riding dance featured in the hit South Korean pop song “Gangnam Style”.
Novak Djokovic decided to fulfill a promise to his fans by dancing to Psy’s Gangnam Style after defeating Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 7-6, 6-2 for his third China Open title.
The 25-year-old defeated Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in straights at Beijing to win the $2.2 million event. Novak Djokovic was reluctant at first, when the tournament’s compere reminded him about the promise he made to his fans.
The World No. 2 soon lost his nervousness, walked down to the court, strutted a bit and started dancing along with several ball-boys and girls in front of the audience.
“Nothing was planned,” Novak Djokovic said. “I was talking to fans who suggested to me to do that dance at the end of the tournament in case I win.
“So I had to hold my promise, and it was fun. I think it was obvious that I was the worst dancer there out of the small group, but it still was quite a lot of fun.”
The song “Gangnam Style” went viral on YouTube after its release in July. Overnight, the South Korean music artist Psy became a worldwide phenomenon. Presently, Gangnam Style has over 390 million views on YouTube.
Psy can actually be considered one of South Korea’s best cultural export. Psy’s song Gangnam Style is mostly in Korean, still the song is topping the British charts and is second-placed on the US Billboard's Hot 100 chart.
Novak Djokovic received compliments on winning the match and for performing his dance routine afterwards, but Jo-Wilfried Tsonga had to find consolation in the fact that he played well against the Serbian.
“It was a good match,” Jo-Wilfried Tsonga said. “I missed maybe something in the first set. I was a break up and I was playing well.
“But then he played solid. It was really difficult to control him. I just tried to play my game, to be aggressive. But against a player like this, for the moment my level is not high enough to beat him.”
In his post match interview, Novak Djokovic admitted Jo-Wilfried Tsonga gave him a good fight for the money.
“I think the first set was really even and maybe a couple of points decided the winner there,” Novak Djokovic said. “We both had our chances aside from those breaks that we converted... I managed to hold my nerve in the end. I made that early break in the second (and) I felt much more comfortable on the court.”
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