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Now Who's the Top 5 in NCAA Men's Basketball?

2/9/13 in NCAABB   |   egirap   |   2 respect

March Madness is almost here and we are finding ourselves without a standout team in the top three positions.

Indiana who has been in first seven times so far this season, lost to non—ranked Illinois in the last second of the game.  Indiana beat Michigan last week to take the first place spot.

However, it seems that first place has become a very hard spot to hold onto for any of the top teams.

Michigan who I thought would do well today, must still be reeling from their loss to Indiana as they played unranked Wisconsin today and lost in overtime 65-62.  This was a great game and a very close game but as they say, Wisconsin played like they wanted to win and won the game they did.  Michigan’s performance today was very disappointing; though their outside game was almost nonexistent their rebounds were not much better. 
If number two -ranked Florida can beat Mississippi State, even though they lost to Arkansas earlier this week, still may take over the first place position.

As for the rest of the top 10 teams this weekend, #4 Duke plays non—ranked Boston College on Sunday while #5 Kansas plays non—ranked Oklahoma, #6 Gonzaga plays non-ranked LMU, and #8 Miami plays non-ranked UNC .

So what’s the deal with basketball this season?  It seems that some of the problems are in not taking their time.  When they have the ball, they’re not setting up, they’re rushing in taking their shots and communication amongst the players on the floor is just bad!   In listening to the coaches at the end of the games, they themselves are shaking their heads.

In watching Michigan play against Wisconsin today, there seemed to be a great deal of miscommunication or no communication at all. Very few points were made from outside the key and when the shots were made, the rebounds just weren’t there. 

If March madness were to start tomorrow, at this moment, I see no overwhelming standout team to take first place. Of the top 10 teams today, before the new rankings come out next week, Duke and Miami (FL), are just the two teams that I see that have great potential to at least make it to the Sweet 16.

Of the rest of the top 25, I see these teams that we need to watch;
New Mexico
and Notre Dame.

These are the teams that we need to keep an eye on and see how they do in the next couple weeks. Presently, with the way the top five teams are doing, I can see Louisville moving up to be somewhere in the top five. 
Louisville is a strong team, they work very well together, and they seem to be consistent.
We’ll see how the rest of the weekend finishes up.
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