OKC Ends Spurs Winning Streak at 20

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Blog Photo - OKC Ends Spurs Winning Streak at 20

The Spurs historic run of twenty consecutive wins came to an end Wednesday evening in front of a ruckus Oklahoma City crowd.  The Spurs haven’t lost a game in over 50 days (April 11th), but finally looked human as the Thunder beat the seemingly invincible Spurs 102-82. 
The long-armed Thabo Sefolosha harassed Tony Parker all-night long and contributed a playoff high nineteen points, lightening the load for Russell Westbrook on defense and offense.  The switch-up between Sefolosha and Westbrook paid dividends as Parker only scored half the points that he had from the previous game and committed five turnovers. 
"We wanted to bounce back after two losses like that," Sefalosha said.  "We had to play better and we did that tonight.  We played with energy; we played with passion in front of our home crowd.  They did a great job giving us a lift."
From the Spurs point of view, tonight was a reminder of how it feels to lose a game; something they haven’t experienced in quite some time. 
Asked what this loss meant to the Spurs and forward Stephen Jackson replied, “We’re human.  We had a good run.  It’s just one loss.  We’ve just got to get ready to play the next game.”
The Thunder played with desperation knowing that going down 0-3 in a series was something that no other team in NBA history has ever accomplished.
Head Coach Brooks said, "We are a prideful team.  It's no fun being down 0-2.  It's no fun.  But we weren't looking at the game thinking, 'Oh my gosh, we have a chance to be down 0-3.'  We were looking at the game that we have a chance to be 1-2 after this game, and I give our guys a lot of credit.  They believe in each other and they always play hard for each other." 
As the series now moves to Game 4, the San Antonio Spurs will have some adjusting and tweaking of their own to do as they look to bounce back from an embarrassing twenty point loss, which will either make Game 3 nothing but an anomaly or a pattern of what is yet to come. 
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