Oakland Raider Marcel Reece expects diversity to his full-back role

Marcel Reece: More than a fullback.

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Oakland Raider Marcel Reece believes himself to be more than a full-back and looking at his last season’s performance that may just be the case.

The player managed three touchdown receptions last season, which includes a 73 yarder and a 51 yarder, which ironically came from screen passes. Reece also had an exceptional season without the ball, as he was the lead blocker for running back Darren McFadden.

“I consider myself as a player going out there and doing whatever is possible to make plays,” stated the player. “I never want to limit myself by saying I am a fullback or I’m this or that. Just go out there and make plays and not put a title on it.”

Under the guidance of Hue Jackson as the offensive coordinator, Oakland Raiders looked like a diversified team in attack. In the off-season, Jackson was appointed as the new coach to replace Tom Cable and will be trying to better Cable’s 8-8 finish, using the momentum gained from the explosive season.

“It’s a role I embrace and take on and have fun with,” Reece said. “My role, I hope, is expanding. You never know how a game is going to go, so whenever the coaches need a play from me or need me to do something I’m going to try to produce.”

The team is well covered in the skill department but Jackson still needs to get the right mix in and be less experimental on the attack. And no one is more skillful than 6ft 3, 240 pound full back Reece, who is bigger than the running backs he’d be expected to block, namely McFadden and Michael Bush. The player’s ability to block, receive and run makes him one of the most versatile players for his position. The player managed to run for 122 yards, carrying 30 times and has a touchdown to his name. “We’re definitely going to surprise a lot of people with our passing game this year,” Reece said. “Last year we did a lot of great things and we had the No. 2 running game in the league. There’s a lot of big things to come.”

His skillset enables him to be an added star to Raider’s new look offence, who would be looking to be more ruthless in attack this season.

“Each year you look for things to improve on. Last year we had one of the top rushing teams in the league. This year we want to be able to be up there in passing also and put both of them up there. That would mean we’re being dynamic as an offense,” stated quarter back Jason Campbell.

No full-back was as industrious than Reece last season, as his 25 receptions led the full-backs stats last season. So much so, that Reece’s rushing total was more than Oakland’s fullbacks since 2006.


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 Marcel Reece is the secret weapon 4 da raiders' offense...

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Great article