Oakland Raiders doing well with undrafted receivers

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThings aren’t the same since Al Davis took over at the Oakland Raiders franchise and they have definitely taken a turn for the better. The Raiders are striking luck with their undrafted receivers, Andre Holmes and Rod Streater. Both are showing a real shine to the team and are fitting well within the gameplan.
Both the wider receivers have good speed but are not exceptionally fast. But that is something that Davis prefers in his players as it most often comes with other capabilities that are more to the Raiders type. They are the kind of players who fare better on the sidelines instead of delving deep into opponent territory.
Both the players also have something else in common, which is they both went undrafted before coming to the Raiders. They have shown their worth on the field in the past few weeks, proving to be valuable members of the team who were included in critical plays.
Streater said that going undrafted served as motivation to show what the others had missed. So far, Streater has gone for a solid 17 yard per catch ratio for the past three games and his yardage is one the best among all players in the Raiders.
“When you don't get drafted, that kind of puts you back but it also gets you that edge. You want to work hard and you always feel like you've got something to prove,” Streater said. “That's kind of the thing with Andre. It was like the perfect situation going against the Cowboys. They let him go, and he was undrafted.”
Streater has shown that he is capable of getting big and handling tough situations. He is now a regular player of the offense and is receiving reps on a steady basis. Holmes got his chance when Moore sustained an injury and he was called in to fill the spot.
“You look across the league and there's a lot of undrafteds starting and a lot of undrafteds playing. It's what you do on the field on Sunday,” Holmes said. “It's taken me three years to be able to do it and I think it's just the development and me figuring out the skills that I need when I'm out on the field.”
Holmes added that he came in the right time and the opportunity was well timed for him to shine.
"Part of it could be opportunity and things like that, but I wouldn't say that I wasn't doing it before or anything like that. It was just the right time."
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