Oakland Raiders ink 4 year contract with Terrelle Pryor

Terrelle Pryor inks 4 year deal with Oakland

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Terrelle Pryor has been in the spotlight for most of the offseason. He has been one of the most talked about players going into the new NFL season. All credit goes to the star’s imprudent attitude. Pryor has certainly started off his journey in NFL on the wrong foot.

Pryor’s notorious arrival to NFL came after he got locked into a fight. The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell suspended him in its aftermath for 5 games. The decision has been controversial but not as much as Pryor himself. Goodell accounted him for ruining his institution and football’s name.

The quarterback currently maintains an awkward status with the NFL in spite of which the Raiders decided to acquire him in the 3rd round of drafting. His attitude with the Raiders remains the big question not just for the NFL but for the Raiders too.

Pryor’s temperament will be tested again once the player sets his feet on the field but that is after he has passed the training tests. According to experts Pryor still has to train for a whole season to become capable of featuring in the starting lineup.

No doubt the 22-year-old quarterback is talented but playing in the NFL requires a whole new set of skills. Rumors have it Pryor is already in California and has inked a 4 year contract with Oakland in order to solidify the first step of entering the arena.

Oakland Raiders executive John Herrera confirmed in a press release that Pryor would soon be running in a Raiders jersey. He said, "We expect him to sign tonight (Thursday)."

Media reports have revealed that Pryor’s contract features a $586,000 signing bonus and base salaries of $375,000, $485,000, $595,000 and $645,000 in each of the respective years. Interestingly, 2011 does not include the amount (more than $100,000) that Pryor will lose due to the 5 game suspensions he has to account for at the start of the year.

Pryor will be able to start practicing with Raiders from Friday. Rumors around the block suggest Pryor may be part of Raiders final preseason match on 2nd of September against Seattle Seahawks.


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