Obama’s Moscow visit: USA hooks Russia on AfPak.Obama’s Moscow visit: USA hooks Russia on AfPak. - By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

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Obama’s Moscow visit: USA hooks Russia on AfPak.  - By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal


The American special guest in Moscow, Barack Obama deliberated the final rounds with his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev in the historical Kremlin on 06 July. President Obama talked about change since he began his campaign for the US president and he said aims to “reset US-Russian relations” so that both can cooperate more effectively in areas of “common interest”.  USA got what it wanted form Russia military cooperation in Afghanistan, the current venue of US-led terror war killing Muslims. This agreement with Russia seems to be in the same spirit as he talks about a “reset” in bilateral ties. As per the agreement, both now see “Islamic terrorism” the major danger to world and hence made it as the target, while the deadly important issues like denuclearization and disarmament, climate change, Palestine plus Mideast peace have been made either insignificant or entirely skipped or sidelined, soon after Obama’s assertion for the creation Palestine state in Cairo


One of the “some significant decisions” made during the US president Obama’s visit to Moscow was to use Russian territories for airlifting weaponry and personnel to Afghanistan. And Russia expects a lot of US dollars for its anti-Islamic services plus the usual support for terror campaigns in Chechnya with a puppet regime there to support whatever Moscow does in that country. Kremlin decision to agree to let the US use its own soil to fly troops and weapons across its territory to Afghanistan clearly demonstrates the weakened position of Russia in bargains with USA for the first time since WWI.


Washington got a Russian shot in the arms and a valuable contribution towards killing the Muslims in Afpak in the name of fighting terrorism helping US forces fighting the Taliban in the war-torn Afghanistan and its border with Pakistan, being destroyed by US-led terror forces in a sustained manner with the help some state mullahs in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Moscow would allow US 4,500 military flights annually over Russia at no extra charge, but the agreement is that it is valid for one year and requires ratification by the Russian parliament. When entire Afghanistan and Pakistan are under effective control of the GSTs (Global State Terrorists) led by the USA, where is the need for the USA to use Russia or Central Asian nations to lift weaponry to Afghanistan?


Of course, Afghanistan is not new to the Russians, since Soviet Union, prior to its disintegration, occupied, presumably on the invitation from the then Afghan ruler to make Afghanistan a communist regime, and ruined the nation and set the stage for further destabilization. The unexpected departure of Soviet forces from Afghanistan in the most insulting manner has not been forgotten by Moscow stalwarts although the cause of invasion of the Muslim nation then does not justify now as Russia is no more a communist country now. Similarly, the act of aggression by US-led terror forces primarily for advancing their energy goals cannot be admitted by a free Russia which condemns foreign invasions. The Kremlin agreement officially authorizes the Russians also to kill some Afghans and Pakistanis as part of their booty. USA knows the urgency of Russia leadership to teach some good lessons to Afghans and has used Russia for intelligence and other terror related activities in Afghanistan.  The present deal binds Russia to play second fiddle on payment basis, the similar job Pakistan is doing SA by killing innocent Muslims around at least for one year.


The nuclearism issue was slated to be the top most on the agenda, but after disagreements in primer talks at ministerial level, the matter was accorded less importance, though they formally signed the agreements on minor nuclear arms cuts and on replacing a disarmament treaty. It is expected that about 1,675 nuclear warheads will be destroyed within seven years, without offering any credible verification mechanisms by all concerned.


US-led terror wars in the name of “fighting terrorists” are the strategic importance of this Obama-Medvedev treaty2009. USA has roped in Russia, now officially, to join the US-led terror wars in favor of future collaborations in any field and become a part of Global state terrorists. USA and NATO are keen to further diversify the crucial transportation routes used to move troops and critical equipment to re-supply international forces in Afghanistan. Even after the Cold War ended in the early 1990s, relations between the two countries have not been very ideal or cordial. Russia wants to enter the WTO and join the coalition of the “willing partners” to share the Islamic booty equally, though it knows too well that USA would kick Russia the moment it achieves it goals in terror wars.


Soviet Union was a military power that threatened the capitalist world led by the USA and the defeat of communism was the chief goal of the West.  Russians are pretty angry with the USA for being instrumental in putting a seal on Russia’s disintegration and downfall as the other super power. America assumed the role of victorious single super power ready to wage war against Islam, the other enemy of the west. However, USA did not want to straight away fight against Islam and was creating objective conditions with the help of an unknown Osama (whose images and video clippings were produced in Hollywood and supplied to the global media to pursue anti-Islamc agenda.) to invade Afghansit6a considered to be the real Islamic force in the world. The rest is living history!


One of the key items on the agenda was to get the Kremlin to coerce Iran to discard its nuclear ambitions, but since the Afpak agenda is clinched, President Obama, knowing Moscow’s lucrative trade ties, including commissioning of the nuclear reactors plus Russian support for Iran in UNSC, would not have pressed too far to get a negative response. It is quite likely Tehran already possesses nukes and if so the matter is closed so long as world ahs nukes. Arab nations could share the nuke technology to balance the power architecture in the region or go for advanced security arrangements by enacting Islamic Security organization (ISO)


Better ties between former foes would not be sustainable if they are based on terror wars in Islamic world plus booty shares leaving behind common sense. The communiqué identified Afghanistan and Pakistan as the “common threats of terrorism” and sought “work together” against Islamic movements. By ignoring the critical issues like Palestine, Kashmir, climate change. However, the decision to reduce strategic arms tat threaten the world is a positive step, howsoever the meager the step would be.


Making a weak, troubled Pakistan, being targeted by terror India, play to the NATO music is one thing; but Russia doing the same for some favors from the USA looks ridiculous, if not funny. Getting the Kremlin bosses to American way of thinking and collaborative terror actions is, undoubtedly, the unique victory of Obama diplomacy and he could feel the pain right in his arms where the shot occurred. Does that also mean Obama failed the Russian diplomacy as well? If so, Kremlin can hope to be in the WTO soon. With Russians in their hidden pockets now, the Americo-European terror forces could go on rampage any where in the Islamic world. But then this neo-relationship would also be short-livied. No?


  ----------------------- The only Indian to have gone through entire India, a fraud and terror nation in South Asia.

Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Independent Researcher in International Affairs,

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