Official: Suh gets a two game suspension!

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The official word is finally out and it will please a lot of people to know that Ndamukong Suh has been handed over a two game suspension without pay by the league office. This is with reference to his misconduct during the Thanksgiving game against the Packers.

Jay Glazer tweeted this news to put an end to all speculation surrounding the number of games Suh would be banned for. “Lions have been informed by the league office that Ndamukong Suh has been suspended by Commissioner 2 games without pay.”

To those of you who are new to this news, Ndamukong Suh pushed Evan Deitrich-Smith’s helmet into the ground a couple of times before he got up and nearly punted the fallen OL. He was instantly ejected from the game and has now received a somewhat just punishment. The more I watch the video, the more appalled I am by Suh’s explanation for the incident. I mean what was that guy thinking?!

How many wrongs does it take Suh to finally realize that he is doing his career a great harm if he keeps on playing dirty like he always does? This is not the first time Suh has been flagged for indiscipline and fined and certainly not the first time that he has been warned. This guy has been fined time and time again and the Commissioner Roger Goodell took great pain to personally meet Suh and try to talk some sense into him.

People will be really happy to see that the Commissioner was true to him word because he had personally warned Suh that if he does not improve on his two year old habit of his, he will not face disciplinary action, he will face strict disciplinary action. But there are a lot of people like me out there who feel that given the vast size and nature of his infringements, Suh should have been handed a stricter penalty. But in all good nature, if this two game ban finally knocks sense into him, then be it.

What might have angered the Commissioner most was his brief interview after the meeting at the start of the month when he said that, “I like to punish quarterbacks, I like to punish running backs for them trying to make plays on my defense and my other teammates. If they want to look at it-whether it’s dirty, aggressive or whatever it may be-we’re going to continue to play that well and make sure that we stand up and not allow teams to run us over and pass over us.”

Ouch! I wonder why the Detroit Lions even play him because he has become such a big liability now. I’m glad that Suh now has time off to think about his actions and his words and contemplate changing to a more progressive rather than an aggressive style of play. In the NFL, I’m sorry but players like him are not welcome. You do not want a player’s career ended due to the aggressive outburst of a player like Suh.

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