Ohio DMV still rejecting vanity license plates mocking LeBron

LeBron hate still runs strong on Ohio DMV's annual "rejected vanity license plate" list

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Blog Photo - Ohio DMV still rejecting vanity license plates mocking LeBronEvery year, the state of Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles lists the 500 most commonly-refused vanity license plate requests, the vast majority of which are turned down because the requests contain profanity and sexual innuendo that is not considered suitable for the Buckeye State's highways.

Every year since 2010, the 500 most commonly-refused State of Ohio vanity license plate requests have contained repeated vulgar references to a former Cleveland Cavaliers player who took his talents to a beach town elsewhere in the Eastern Conference. Can you guess the name of this basketball player?

The Dayton Daily News has published the top 500 most frequently-rejected vanity license plate requests in the state of Ohio. Seven of the 500 rejected license plates were obscene digs at LeBron James, rendering James presumably the most hated man alive among Ohio drivers. President Obama was in second place with two obscene, rejected "diss plate" requests. Osama bin Laden tied with Michigan football fans and Pittsburgh Steelers fans for third, each receiving only one insulting and obscene license plate request apiece.

Blog Photo - Ohio DMV still rejecting vanity license plates mocking LeBronThe rejected LeBron James-themed vanity license plates included "EFFLBJ", "EFLBJ", "H8LBJ", "IH8LBJ", "LBJSUCK", "LBJSUX", and "LBJFU".

If you think those Ohioans' license plate requests about LeBron are bad, you should hear the things Ohioans say about LeBron's mom!

The request "IH8FLA" might also be a dig at LeBron, or might be some left over resentment over the Ohio State Buckeyes' 2007 BCS Chamionship loss, or their 2007 NCAA Men's Basketball title loss, both to the Florida Gotors.

I'm surprised no Ohioans submitted for the license plate "EFF2007".
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There were plenty of fans cheering for him tonight....

2/6/13   |   mcleodglen   |   32 respect

LeBum? come on, is that really necessary?